Mental problems

Having more than a casual interest in the mental problems of people I recognize a trait described by Senior District Judge Richard P. Matsch regarding The Brady Campaign lawsuit against Lucky Gunner, THE SPORTSMAN’S GUIDE, et al.:

plaintiffs try to have it both ways by complaining that the injury was foreseeable to the defendants on the one hand, and complaining that defendants knew nothing about their customer on the other.

One of the traits present in people with Borderline Personality Disorder and some other personality disorders is they create or complain about situations of which you cannot win. For example, “You must be home in time for dinner” and simultaneously imposing the condition, “You must complete your work before you come home regardless of how long it takes.” Or “You must bring home more money.” and “You must work fewer hours.”

Read my post Crazy talk for numerous anti-gun examples.

When you point out the impossible situation they have created they will probably attack you (verbally and/or physically). It is always your fault they are angry with you because you violated some “rule” they imposed or you “should have known” about. They insist upon a myriad of rules which are conflicting, nonsensical, and impossible to meet. They then insist you are the problem when you fail to abide by the rules. This is the Brady Campaign, and anti-gun people in general, mindset. This is conclusive proof they have mental problems.

The exact diagnosis of their mental problems is not particularly important. What is important is how to deal with them. In still another anti-gun crazy talk example Stacy, my counselor on such matters, has some advice on how to deal with these people.


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  1. And being polite and logical with these people never works. It can’t work. They only understand emotion. The replies must be rhetorical and emotional for them to even perceive any possibility of an alternative. It must be emotionally forceful for you to have any chance of getting them to alter their path. It’s likely not fun for a logical person to do, but ripping them a new one and making them cry might be the only way to get them to back off. your logical slings and arrows have no effect on their armor, only emotional attacks. They’ll think you cold, heartless, mean, and bad no matter what you do, so you might as well do something that has a chance of changing the course of argument.
    If they have crap for brains, then throw crap at them. It’s only logical. 🙂

    • My sources tell me that you don’t get emotional. Insults probably aren’t the best action either. Cold, hard, action is probably best. Tell them you won’t tolerate their crazy behavior, then don’t. Tell them your boundaries, what will happen if they cross those boundaries, then follow through.

      One of best enforcement methods, if it is an option for you, is to make them an outcast. They crave the comfort of the herd. If you can successfully mock their crazy in front of their peers you hurting them at an exceedingly deep level.

  2. Interesting that I found this, I once was broken down on the freeway, and a Cop rolled up behind me and announced that ” I can’t Park here”.. as if I simply pulled over.. When i explained that the car stopped, he said “I don’t care care,” ” you can’t Park on the freeway”.. The obvious Logic of the situation escaped him in his moment of Authority, The car up on blocks stripped to the Chassis, would have gotten the same response.

  3. The authoritarian has now been a successful transmitter of the disease. He needed an emotional response from you and he got it. You just had sex with him, in a manner of speaking, and gave birth to more of the virus. Now you’re a carrier. Welcome to the machine. You have been assimilated. Resistance is futile!

    The bully/authoritarian/coward understands you now very well. As Rolf put it, it’s the only thing he does understand. He has now received the reassurance (thoughbeit traumatic in its own right) that you’re one of him. He’s essentially a panic-driven person, but he can at least find some comfort in being your underling in the chain of command. That’s the life he lives. It’s the one that was given to him, usually by his parents at first, but reinforced by the public school system, entertainment and society at large.

    It’s the way most of the world works. That’s why we have wars, divorce, child beating, tyranny, husband beating, angst, the victim mentality, power lust, politicians, materialism, gangs and small claims court. It is a very old and well established tradition.

    So long as you can feed your injured ego-self by making someone else lower than you in the chain of command, you’re OK. You can distract yourself from your agony and guilt for another minute, or a day, or just long enough to get another bottle, or high, or whore, or a big plate of food, or a prescription for anti-depressants. Welcome to the machine. Now you’re dead.

    The cure lies in finding a way to step outside the authoritarian system, i.e. to shed the emotion-driven/sensual (they go together) life so you can begin to live your real life in objectivity. I am here to tell you that THAT terrifies authoritarians more than anything imaginable, and an authoritarian can imagine some pretty horrible things as you all know very well.

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