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We are at a moment when most Americans believe crime rates are rising and when most believe gun ownership – not gun control – makes people safer.

A 2013 Pew Research survey showed that protection is now the top reason gun owners offer for why they choose to own a gun (in 1999, hunting was the top reason). And among the public at large, the latest Gallup survey finds that 63% of Americans now say having a gun in the home makes it a safer place compared with 30% who say it makes a home more dangerous. Fifteen years ago, more said the presence of a gun made a home more dangerous (51%) than safer (35%).

Andrew Kohut
Despite lower crime rates, support for gun rights increases
April 17, 2015
[Principals are important but public opinion is what wins elections and to a great extent judicial rulings. We are now getting nearly everything going our way. We need to politically exterminate the anti-gun people as quickly as we can and make them as socially distasteful as the KKK.

In addition to reasonably hard data like the surveys referenced above I know my workplace has a lot of people quite friendly to gun ownership. And I know one woman who just recently put her profile on Match.com after being “off the market” for several years. She commented to me just last week that many of the men on the site have pictures of themselves with guns. According to her this wasn’t the case even five years ago.

The anti-gun people are headed to the dustbin of history. Help them get there as quickly as we legally can.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Andrew Kohut

  1. The title of Mr. Kohut’s article puts the cart quite thoroughly before the horse. Just as gun bans increase crime rate — as NY so nicely showed starting with the Sullivan act — enforcement of gun rights lowers crime rate. Not the other way around.

  2. I am not so sanguine. Just about all the progress we have made on the pro-gun side in the past few years has been the result of a tiny handful of 5-4 Supreme Court decisions like DC vs. Heller. The Kenyan could easily enough nominate enough Wise Latinas who’ll vote the strict party line to the Supreme Court. The number of nine justices, after all, is a historical accident, appearing nowhere in the Constitution, and in fact prior to around 1812 the customary number was six. So there is nothing Constitutionally preventing the Kenyan from nominating another two, three, or five Justices on the Supreme Court, or as many as he wants to give him the results he wanted. Roosevelt tried to increase the number of Justices to pack the Supreme Court with radicals in order to rubber-stamp his plans in 1937 after they slapped down several of his more egregious Stalinist five-year plans as unconstitutional. Back then the only real opposition came from an Oregon Democrat named Henry Ashurst, who decided to oppose FDR because he felt the court-packing scheme was an attack on the traditional privileges of Congress and was able to tie the bill up in committee. Today we’d have to count on the nonexistent resolve of the squishy spineless Dead Elephant Party, who would, I presume, arrange behind closed doors for Obama to ask to expand the number of Justices from nine to forty-nine, and claim “credit” afterwards for a “compromise” restricting him only to twenty additional Supreme Court Justices instead of forty. This is called “bipartisanship” and “reaching across the aisle,” and is the sort of behavior one normally expects from “loyal opposition” that is loyal to the other side, which is all the GOP has been since Reagan, if not since Eisenhower.

    So, I am pretty certain that sooner or later the Left in this country is going to get what they want, at least in practical short-term legal terms. The ongoing illegal alien invasion is bringing tens of millions of people into this country for whom the concept of a limited government of enumerated powers has exactly zero appeal in comparison with all that cool free shit you get when you sign up for El Guelfare. They will be given amnesty, “work permits,” and “a path to citizenship,” they will sign up (slightly illegally, but who’s counting at this point?) to vote through Motor-Voter, and they will every swingin’ dick join the Free Shit Army to vote the straight Democrat ticket, for Amnesty and El Guelfare forevermore.

    So the Left may or may not wait until they have sixty Senators, and they may or may not wait for sitting Justices to die of natural causes or retire voluntarily–the winners write history, and these people intend to win (does anyone else remember how Vince Foster, who was not known to own a firearm, shot himself four times in the back of the head with an antique revolver with no serial number, then rolled his own body up in a carpet and presumably inchworm-fashion crept into the middle of Ft. Marcy Park at midnight, evading all the security guards? Clearly this was a hell of a trick for a dead guy. Clearly this was a case of suicide, good sir, and not someone who had become a liability getting rubbed out. Clearly. How’s that investigation into his death coming along? I hear they’re going to dig him up and reinter him at Arlington right next to those four guys Hillary ordered the Navy to let die in Benghazi). The Left will, soon enough, probably sooner than anyone here thinks, have fifty percent plus one Supreme Court Justices willing to say that “the living Constitution” contains no guarantees of any politically inconvenient rights like firearms ownership, or the right to trial by jury (“Due process is what we say it is”), or freedom of politically incorrect speech (“the Party Vanguard cannot tolerate bourgeois affectations like this concept of a right to criticize the State,” “hate speech!”), and that’s when they will start kicking down doors to seize firearms and either drag gun owners away in chains or machine-gun them in their beds for “resisting arrest.” They’re itching for this, burning up for it, yearning for it the way Sauron wanted the One Ring. It’s been part of their party platform for fifty years and twenty-two years ago today they thought their balls were big enough to pull it off at Waco as a test run, and show the nation that they could kill whomever they wanted and get away with it, and rub those dumb old crackers’ noses in it. They’ll do it right next time, and they want to repeat their tremendous successes at Waco and Ruby Ridge in a town near you, coming soon.

    I’ve known this was coming since Clinton was elected, and I’ve had my suspicions since the Carter Administration. I’ve been praying that I’m wrong for 35 years but every passing year only serves to solidify my conclusions. As I have said previously, all signs point to complete societal collapse and/or another civil war in this country–and the two are not mutually exclusive–in the near term. I accepted this a long time ago. I’m at peace with it. I’ve got beans and blankets and potable water. I don’t know what, exactly, the spark is going to be that sets it off and our government may even collapse without BATF SWAT teams doing door-to-door midnight gun confiscations, even without “politically incorrect” individuals getting loaded onto cattle cars for a one-way trip to a FEMA camp. Nonetheless this country’s been living on borrowed time for a long time now–maybe since 1965, maybe since 1865. We can’t go on forever borrowing ten trillion dollars at a time from the Chinese to pay for the welfare checks the Democrats hand out to reward all their eager, cheerful new voters. We can’t go on forever with an immigration policy that can basically be summed up as “we want lots more fast-breeding IQ-55 Third Worlders who will sign up for welfare the second they get off the boat, because we’re not enough like Zimbabwe or Guatemala yet.” A very bright fellow named Yogi Berra once famously said, “When something can’t go on forever, that means sooner or later it’s gonna stop.”

    What each of us does in the meantime is between himself and his own conscience. What each of us plans to do if this comes to pass is likewise between himself and his own conscience. Like the man says, “Some people might prefer a window seat on the FEMA Train, or the top bunk with the window view when they get to the FEMA Camp. Personally, I intend to misbehave.”

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