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  1. I’m shocked beyond words that someone who can’t defend his beliefs with anything beyond junior high level insults doesn’t know what the word impudent means.

    • It’s a big, important sounding word. So he’ll use it.

      “Vegetables can be very sensuous, don’t you think?”
      At least with some people, it’s funny……

    • I realize everyone knows this, but I’m pedantic enough that I must point out that he meant “impotent” instead of “impudent”.

      • One of the reasons for posting this is to indicate that when one misspells or mispronounces one’s insults, they lose their sting as insults.

        • Yes, but it’s fun to watch a person calling others ignorant and stupid while making 3rd-grade errors because spell-check lets them.

  2. What DO they need to make up for their inadequate dicks?
    (Anyone this obsessed over another persons privates, has a problem)

    • If you do your best to take them seriously, it gets even more disturbing. First, I figure it is a nonsensical statement– There’s no possible way to use a gun to make up for an inadequate penis. You’d only need some other means of transferring sperm to egg, right? A gun doesn’t help. You’d think there were no dots to connect there, and you’d have to fall back on the insanity declaration.

      Ah, but among wild animals there are multiple ways in which a male might promote the survival of his genes, and one of those ways, in lieu of having his own offspring, would be to suppress the offspring sired by any but his brothers. For a human with such instincts and the tendency to act on them, a gun might actually serve as a form of penis substitute. As I say it is pretty disturbing, but it IS straight up the alley of Progressive thinking.

  3. Anyone who confuses weapons with sexual organs probably shouldn’t handle either one.

    • Sex, at least the perverse kind of sex, and violence are but two sides of the same coin, my friend. Maybe in this matter the leftists have more perception, of a sort, than we.

      Murder, rape and pillage. Do they not often go together? Are not most wars rife with accounts of rape and looting going along with the actual military contest?

      Let’s really open up this can of worms for a moment, shall we? There was a time when I watched porn with some regularity. Now I don’t know if the porn changed or if I changed, but I can’t watch it anymore. It disgusts me. I now see it as degrading, and in fact some of it borders on, or crosses the border on, real violence. There’s no love in at all.

      AND SO, if the leftists are, as they seem to be, so frequently associating guns and sex, and also falling quickly to the sexual insult of those with whom they disagree, you see there is your proof of the connection between sex and violence. They hate you and they think of……sex. They think of guns, they associate them with violence, so they think of…..sex.

      Anger, hate, violence, envy, perverse sex. They’re peas in a pod.

      You see then, Young Grasshopper, where this is going? It is but one of many indicators of the mass carnage that seems to be on its way. Heh!

      But we’re not supposed to look. Let’s just trade insults instead. It’s more fun, eh?

  4. I feel having a impudent inadequate dick is far superior to being one.

  5. Donnie, look…it’s OK if you’re gay, man, but just come to terms with it. Your obsession with our junk is really beginning to border on the worrisome. I don’t swing that way myself, but I’m sure you’ll find a good man in time.

  6. There’s a reason that leftist swine associate guns with sex. They realize that they are unmanly men who will not defend their own families; in fact, they leave their own wives and children to “find themselves” with someone else all the time. Since manhood to them consists of sex and nothing else–and often what they consider “sex” is only sex by very “modern” definitions (can you actually see any of these androgynous swine in a Humphrey Bogart/Ingrid Bergen role? Not no but fuck no)–they automatically assume that guns for us are about sex too.

    In reality, guns are not about sex per se; but they ARE about the full range of life experiences that make us sexually attractive to others, and so are the many other things we actively do in our lives, while leftists mostly sit on their fat asses for their whole lives.

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