Quote of the day—interrogator-chaplain

Were it up to me, I’d ban everything except bolt-action rifles and 5 chamber revolvers.

January 6, 2015
Comment to 3D-Printed Guns Are Only Getting Better, and Scarier
[Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


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    • While all of the Gatling guns are revolvers, only a fairly small subset are five-chamber models. Most are six (like the 20mm Vulcan) and seven (like the GAU-30). The only one I know of off the top of my head is the General Dynamics GAU-12/U Equalizer, a five-barrel 25 mm…. But hey, I’d settle for that 🙂 .

  1. So he wants us to keep our sniper rifles and concealable handguns, eh?

  2. And I guess his next move would be to burn all the books Bill Holmes has written???

  3. Don’t they get it? When they say they want to ban almost or all firearms in the hands of citizens, they just made the very case why we must have them!

    If they are already demonstrating these despotic tendencies, why would any of our other innate rights be respected? So, come and get them (i.e. Molon Labe!), and see how that works out for you, interrogator-chaplain.

    • No, they don’t get it. They think letting the cops and military have whatever they want is such an obvious exception they don’t state it, or else they really DO want to limit them as well (and they are profoundly stupid as well as ignorant).

      • Yes, they’re that stupid — some of them, at any rate. Remember when New York State banned magazines holding more than seven rounds, and then a few weeks later had to rush through additional legislation saying “except cops”? They accidentally made every policeman in the state an instant felon! Nice going, guys.

        • If I was going to ban something, I would at least have a basic working knowledge of the object, so I would not miss an exception or provide a loophole.

          Instead, they are so afraid of firearms that they take it as a badge of honor to remain woefully ignorant of the item they despise and craft asinine laws.

          Then to seal the deal, they claim that it is only common sense to go along with their (half-assed) proposals and we are the knuckle-draggers if we do not go along.

  4. Who really needs more bullets in a gun than that anyway? Because criminals aren’t smart enough to bring their friends to a robbery.

  5. But what about the Joe Biden approved shoot through the door double barreled shotguns? Won’t anyone think of the poor shotguns?

  6. 5 chamber revolvers? anything to explain the significance of this?

    and, gosh, what mischief could a guy get into w/ a ten round smelly? or, an 03a3 springfield?

    wwi, wwii? whatever goes on in they little pea heads?

    • 1.He thinks all revolvers are six-shooters,
      2. He thinks that anyone with a revolver would have to turn it in and buy a five-shooter with his magical mind-melding background check that would of course prevent Sandy Hook. In addition to the questions already asked when you buy a firearm, there’s a question, “Has any member of your family, friend, co-worker, neighbor or person you come into contact on a regular basis been diagnosed with any condition described in DSM-IV.”
      3., 4. Charles Whitman, anyone?
      5., 6. He thinks that Leftists have eliminated war, and anyone who says America can’t prevent it with diplomacy is a hateful primitive conservative.

  7. I’d like to see what plans this guy has for our military and police, when they’re restricted to only bolt-action rifles and five-shot revolvers. (Does he think opposing armies will restrict themselves accordingly, because they’re such nice people?)

    News flash — the purpose of a gun is to present overwhelming force. (No one ever outran a bullet, and so forth.) The purpose of high-capacity magazines et al is that, sometimes, five shots aren’t overwhelming enough to solve the problem.

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