Quote of the day—Steve Dowson

We are keen to raise awareness of the devastating impact of knife crime and to reduce the number of families affected so we have decided to keep the knife bins indefinitely.

While projects encouraging the surrender of knives are not a single solution to violence, they have an important role to play in inspiring communities to get behind education and preventative measures.

Such campaigns show a desire to address local concerns and Lancashire Police is keen to throw our weight behind them in support.

We’ve been delighted with the response so far, but our communities have told us that they want an end to knife crime and that they want to work with us to make that happen.

Steve Dowson
Detective Chief Inspector
Lancashire, England
August 10, 2014
Save a Life – Surrender Your Knife
[Via a Tweet from Chris Knox.

No. This is not satire. Here is another link to marvel at.

Read carefully. Notice how they measure success in terms of symbolism and good intentions? Measuring success in terms of crime rates is not even hinted at. No mention of the futility.

This is a culture that has some serious mental problems. They apparently cannot distinguish between their fantasy of good intentions and the reality of criminal behavior. Do they also believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Great Pumpkin?

This would be our future if we were to surrender to the anti-Second Amendment people.—Joe]


13 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Steve Dowson

  1. Alternate t-shirt slogan “What A Crock, Carry A Rock”. Will citizens, er, I mean subjects, next be required to keep their hands in their pockets while walking so as to reduce fist-nose violence?

    • NO! Walking with your hands in your pockets will be considered having concealed weapons. You must walk with hands exposed, and never>/i> clenched into a fist, so as to demonstrate your good intentions.

      When will these folks realize that Kafka was not a social planning guide writer?

      • CCH= carry concealed hand(gun?)

        Where do I apply for permission? It’s COLD this time of year.

        On a more serious note, Sikh men traditionally open-carry a real knife as a symbol of their duty/willingness to protect their families. The Milwaukee Sikh temple shooter had little to worry about since the men were reduced to carrying dulled knives due to government involvement. The temple leader died heading towards his attacker armed with a d*** butter knife. That’s courage.

          • “You mean you can’t carry a real knife in Wisconsin?”

            Not anything I would consider a real knife ala Crocodile Dundee. Sorry I don’t have a satisfactory answer. The general consensus is “Wisconsin knife laws are long, wordy, and difficult to understand, even for someone trained in the law.”

            Open carry of guns is constitutional but there were some government-inspired restrictions on the guys near Milwaukee open-carrying their knives.

            Me, I just carry a big gun. And a folding knife. To open packages.

  2. This is an obvious violation of freedom of religion. How’s a devout Muslim supposed to attain paradise if he’s not allowed to behead the infidel?

    • They’re not talking about criminal actions or the mindset or motivations behind them. It’s all about the knives. No one said your jihadist friend couldn’t or shouldn’t behead a few infidels. The Brits, in their current state of severe retardation and pathological delusion, could probably be talked into a religious exemption, but only for the most violent religion. Never for Jews or Christians. Besides; the jihadist can use a saw anyway, or an axe, and if anyone should attempt to defend themselves against the jihadist, they’d be arrested and jailed.

      When will we see, “Relax. Surrender your axe” ?

  3. I’ve been into shooting for a couple of decades, now. I was in the SCA, a medieval recreation group, for nearly 20 year, too. Got reasonable collection of blades, from tiny ultra-light backup kit knives for the backpack to right proper broadswords and a battleax (no idea exactly how many I’ve collected over the years), and blasters from rather small to quite hefty. Professional interest. What that man displays is a pretty pathetic example of cutlery.
    Pretty sad to think how far the empire has fallen from Trafalgar and Waterloo. Scared of inanimate objects. Lord Nelson and the rest must be spinning in their graves.

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