The only reason I might visit New Jersey

I’ve said it before and this article reinforced my conviction. The only reason I might visit New Jersey in the foreseeable future is if I can get a hunting license with an unlimited bag limit on government employees.


8 thoughts on “The only reason I might visit New Jersey

  1. You know, I hope the judges, legislators, and prosecutors involved in this farce have good security. Like, really, really good security.

    Just sayin’.

  2. It is also why Chris Christie can never, EVER, be considered as a possible contender for the presidency. He has his good points, but his utter failure to understand the 2nd Amendment proves he is unfit for office, because he failed history and continues to fail to understand civil rights. If he runs, it needs to be made clear to him, early and often, that he CAN’T win, because tens of millions of gun owners will not vote for him.

  3. Hmm,
    You might be called upon the visit NJ, in the way that young men from Idaho were called upon to visit France in 1944 and then Germany in 1945.

  4. While I never intend to visit New Jersey, I DID visit New York in 2000 to participate in an USPSA Charity Match. (The Y2K AWARE MATCH)

    It all surprises me now, that I was unable to do so without being ‘busted’. Yes, I had pre-registered for the match and had documentation. Yes, the pistol and the ammunition were not in the same luggage (I had sent the 2,000 rounds of ammunition directly to the match hotel ahead of time, and the match sponsors had been careful to include full instructions on how to do so in full accordance with local laws.)

    But my carry on luggage was my range bag.

    That would NOT have been advisable under current Homeland Security oversight, because I assume that ‘sniffers’ would have detected gunpowder residue in the bag, and I would have been arrested at some point along the way.

    (Intermittent stop were at Miami, on the trip out, and Cincinnati, on the trip back.)

    It is SO obvious that, today, we are no longer living in a ‘permissive’ society, but in a Progressive society. One in which that an honest sportsman, no matter how diligently he attempts to abide by local laws, can easily run afoul of the law no matter his peaceful intentions.

    That’s why I no longer travel by ‘common carriers’ such as airplanes. The :”security” provided at airports don’t make me feel safer; they make me feel like a target for overweening over-watch anal-retentive assholes whose only job is to bust honest people to meet an assumed quota.

    I miss the freedom of being able to travel with the tools of my competition sportsmanship.

    But it’s just not worth the fret and the worry, in a country where you can follow the law to the best of your ability … but the Watchdogs can always find a way to kick you in the butt and make you pay:

    “Hmm .. let me see your papers. You have relatives in Germany? We have ways to make you talk!”

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