Another psychology example

Yesterday I posted about how our political opponents use insults because they know insults are effective on themselves even when the insults are totally baseless. The Obama administration calling Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu “chickenshit” is an example that is making world news. Anonymous Conservative does the analysis:

So why launch such an attack? If you are intimately familiar with the psychology, you’ll immediately see that this was an amygdala hijack directed at Netanyahu. Like many such attempts by narcissists, it was predicated on an understanding of human psychology that arose from the narcissist’s self examination of themselves, and thus it assumes the narcissist’s malady is ever-present in everyone.

It make me think about how things must be unraveling inside the White House now that Dear Leader and his entire entourage are being criticized by leftists afraid of seeing the Obama administration’s failures reflect back badly upon the movement. Groups of narcissists can become amygdala echo chambers. One get’s hijacked and tries to relieve the strain by hijacking two others himself. Like nuclear fission, it can create a very unpleasant environment.

Similar conclusions are probably valid when our anti-freedom opponents spew crude insults at us.


7 thoughts on “Another psychology example

  1. “Like nuclear fission, it can create a very unpleasant environment.” Also an unpleasant environment, when said hijackees have their fingers over fission and fusion buttons.

      • I’d say it’s close to perfect. So then we would want to look at the opposite, or antidote, which would be…what? Strength is contagious when the strong are standing steady?

        • Could be. I doubt that every man standing in a phalanx formation had balls of titanium. SOMEONE in the group probably had shaky knees, or had to piss.

  2. The psychological origins of Markley’s Law and Godwin’s Law.
    Thank you sir. You are always informative and always in novel and unexpected ways.

  3. Instead of criticizing Obama, we should substitute Democrat. HE is irrelevant and a lame duck. But we can tie every single bad decision and policy that he made to the Democrats.

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