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Liberals are not designed to flourish under any conditions but free resource availability, and no danger or exposure to reality. Limit resources or add some dangerous reality, and they will begin to drop like flies.

Anonymous Conservative
October 7, 2014
Ebola, Natural Selection, and Facilitating a K-Shift to Conservatism to Save Lives
[I think this is overlooking that fact that liberals (Progressives) seek and hold on to power. In a time of limited resources or dangerous reality they are likely to use that power to take resources through unlawful means. “The good of the many outweigh the rights of the few”, will be the essence of their justification.

I suspect it will only be in a state of partial or full government collapse that his predictions will become dominant. But the interesting thing is that history has shown us that government collapse can occur remarkably rapid.—Joe]


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  1. Right. The problem isn’t so much that they depend on “free” resource availability — but rather, that they depend on being able to use force to extort other people’s resources for their convenience. If the problem merely were what the original quote describes, these people would be harmless loonies that evolution will take care of. But they aren’t harmless, especially to the extent that they succeed in disarming everyone else.

  2. “take resources through illegal means.”
    I think you want to say “unlawful” here. Leftists when in power have no problem changing the legality of something according to their moods & desires. argentina comes to mind currently.

  3. Cooper (rightly) defined it as a conflict between the non-copers and the copers. those who cannot cope live in fear and especially envy of those who can cope. their mode of survival is to make a fuss, throw blame around, etc., until someone feeds or takes care of them.

    When things get tough, the tough get going, while the dysfunctional get especially nasty.

  4. Notice how the liberals always make sure that they are considered part of the “many” even when they aren’t……

      • When Reagan was elected in a landslide, the Lamestream Media types were all befuddled– No one they knew voted for Reagan. Still; no amout of proof can convince an eletist that he is completely out of touch and looks ridiculous.

        I am now reminded of Sharkey and Wormtongue– A once great ruler of an empire, with his own great army, finally reduced to a beggar in the wilderness, still holds on to his fantasy so long as he one pathetic follower.

  5. Don’t forget Fascism. That’s an important one because Fascists are often calling conservatives “Fascists”, not knowing what it means.

  6. Adverse conditions and trying times are overcome by honor, integrity, ethics and spine these are all traits fundamentally lacking in Liberals.

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