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You gun loons are all the same, nothing but hot air….come elections, you’ll see that both the voters of CT will stand together with the voters of NJ, and come out on top, and finally be finished with people like you, and the NRA.

July 14, 2014
Comment to Conn. Gov. Molloy: Chris Christie missed chance to save lives
[And just how will the voters be “finished” with the “gun loons” and the NRA? Does that mean prisons? Reeducation camps? Death squads?

I would like to suggest that Mr. GunFreeNJ check his calculations again. There are five million NRA members and nearly 100 million gun owners in this country that consume several billion rounds of ammunition each year in practice. His plans to be “finished” with us could come with a very high price tag.—Joe]


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  1. Obviously CT and NJ are not CO, but I would also observe to him that the last major “gun control”-related elections did not go in “gun control”‘s favor. Here is to hoping the trend continues.

  2. I believe his “be finished” comment comes not from a genuine ill-wish to our health and well-being (although such may be present), but from a fervent belief that if the anti-gunners can win one election, one election cycle, achieve a goal, or whatever the current “endpoint” is, that their evil and dastardly foes will simply lay down their arms (figurative and literal), go home, and never offer contest again.

    In short, if anti-gunners can somehow achieve “victory” in two tiny little states, then we pro-rights people will be forced to give up and surrender until the end of time.

    He’s still delusional, of course. Neither he nor his authoritarian ilk will ever give up, and neither will we.

    • And a major part of the delusional aspect of his mind seems to be the idea that gun owners are too insane and too dangerous because they believe they should be armed against criminals, the NRA actively supports psychotic shooters and if the law allowed law-abiding people to carry concealed, as gang-bangers do every day, yet an election or two, or a new law will cause these dangerous people to quietly lay down their arms (literally) and go home quietly.
      Yep, it’s paranoia to want to be armed against a potential robber, yet it’s “reasonable restrictions on gun ownership to believe 100 million gun owners in America is an active threat to public safety.

      • Also note the defensiveness. This person is freaking out because NJ didn’t go from a 15 round ban to a 10 round ban.

  3. Being in CT, that godless 1-Party Nazi Reich state, I concur with your opening blast. The 2nd A men and women who are massing to attack in November will seek revenge for the torment these ‘palastinian-actors’ inflicted last year.

  4. We shall take great pride in removing Malloy from CT as well as we hope the Fat Man in NJ: we the voters who own 1,000,000 unregistered guns in COnnecticut, some of which go back 100 years+. And all our guns are set to fire on all enemies of the 1-Party Reichs.

  5. He doesn’t want to “be finished” with us himself. He wants the military to do his fighting for him. Having been in the military, I can guaran-fucking-tee that they will instead be restoring constitutional government and apprehending, for capital trial, all the soft, fat, parasitic gun control draft dodgers like himself, and carrying out the resulting sentences. As he looks at his firing squad, he’ll be rethinking–very briefly–his belief that “the police and the military” should be the ones holding the guns.

    • You forgot the hearty laugh that will be had first.

      I really wish I knew where they got the idea that we’d follow such ridiculous orders.

    • I used to think that is “obviously” true. But the more stories I hear about leadership changes and what sorts of people are staying in versus getting out, I’m not as sure as i used to be.

      • They can shuffle around Generals all they want. Private Snuffy, in general, isn’t going to play along.

        • Again, I’d *like* to think that, but the more I hear about things at ALL levels makes me less sanguine. Sure, there are a lot of good ‘ol boys who wouldn’t want to play along, but you pack a platoon with immigrant recruits, send them out first to set the example, and the others will tend to want to close ranks and support their friends. Then, once the first door is kicked in, the “us against them” mentality kicks in.

        • Private Snuffy might not but officer Friendly who has spent his entire career being told and shown that he is in the right whenever he uses force against his fellow citizens certainly will.

          Don’t forget that Friendly has most of Snuffy’s tools available to him now.

          • And Officer Friendly is outnumbered about 100:1.

            At those force ratios, ROCKS are war-winning weapons.

      • “Uh, yeah. Sorry my AR keeps hanging up on the door of your damned boxcar, Sparky.” 😉

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