A dystopian advocate

Amazing: Let’s nationalize Amazon and Google: Publicly funded technology built Big Tech

It’s mind boggling to read this crap. One of the arguments is that they are spying on people, which he doesn’t like. So putting them under government control is a good idea? Hasn’t this idiot heard of the NSA in the last few months?

It should come as no surprise he wants to destroy the “pioneer fantasy” of gun ownership.

Either he thinks of The Gulag Archipelago as a utopia instead of a dystopia or he is so naïve and/or stupid that he doesn’t realize what he advocates would create those conditions.


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  1. It’s a religion. As such, the answer to any question, or any problem, real or imagined, is more government “tools” and more “resources”, i.e. more government control. Once a person’s allegiance is converted to the authoritarian model, this is how they’ll always react. It is in every sense a form of worship. Government (God) is always the answer. It is the Way, the Truth and the Light, the source of all that is good and the answer to all that is unpleasant.

  2. Dinesh D’Souza destroyed the “you didn’t build that” theory in his film, “America”. He then pointed out that this bulltwaddle, famously uttered by Obama, is a central theme of the ” shaming of America”, the process that progressive currently use to remove initiative and individuality from the nation.

  3. “Either he thinks of The Gulag Archipelago as a utopia instead of a dystopia or he is so naïve and/or stupid that he doesn’t realize what he advocates would create those conditions.”

    Of course, for those favored few who get to send their enemies to the Gulag (and I have little doubt that this person expects to be among their number), life can be pretty damned wonderful.

    Until it isn’t.

    And, of course, the balance between those favored by a Party faction in power and those condemned by a new Party faction in power can shift quickly indeed….

    • Indeed. One could try to make that point by asking if he’s expecting to be like Stalin, or like Trotsky.
      (That of course assumes he/she/it knows either of those names.)

  4. You know, this is the same line of derp I remember hearing when the feds ‘investigated’ Microsoft, years back. I remember wondering if Bill Gates was going to get pissed off and just move his primary operations overseas, thumbing his nose all the way.

    And now these chuzzlewits wants to try and take a swing at Google and Amazon. Great idea.

    This writer in particular makes my head ache. Here’s a bit I snipped:

    ‘Broadband as a public utility? If not for corporate corruption of our political process, that would seem like an obvious solution. Instead, our nation’s wireless access is the slowest and costliest in the world.’

    THESE ARE NOT THE SAME THING, YOU MORON. Broadband refers to any dedicated high-speed Internet connection, wired or wireless. Wireless coverage is around, but it’s less developed here in the U.S. because we don’t have the population density of Japan. Way to conflate two different concepts, you lackwit.

    ‘Because YouTube’s dominance of the video market is so large, Google is confident that even frustrated music fans have nowhere to go.’

    Except for IHeartRadio and Pandora, both excellent mobile apps. I suppose Google might own one or the other or both through some kind of shell company but I doubt it.

    Endless whining over Google and Facebook datamining. No shit folks. This is why my G+ account is barely functional (reserved for contacting friends about tabletop game night) and why I’m not on Facebook. Not a whisper about the NSA, as Joe remarked. It’s like they’re completely oblivious!

    • These people are shocked that they aren’t actually the customers of “free” services like Google and Facebook, but are, in fact, the PRODUCT they sell to their actual customers, to pay for the equipment, resources, and personnel to stay in business.

      “No bucks, no Buck Rogers.” Or, to put it another way, TANSTAAFL.

  5. They also appear to be oblivious to how much corporate money has gone into improving the internet, and how little of the current infrastructure is publicly funded.

    • Guess they’re unhappy that Google Fiber’s not coming to their neighborhood yet.

  6. Gotta love their logic:

    “This company is in danger of becoming a defacto monopoly! … Then we better make it a dejur monopoly!”

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