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The NRA officer board needs to be put in prison. They’re bad people. If I ever found it necessary to own a gun, I’d never support that organization. They don’t represent me, a responsible person. They represent the people that shouldn’t have guns. That’s why we have such a problem. They’re the devil. You’re safer without a gun in hostile situations then with one. How is a cop going to tell the difference in a shoot out. What are you going to do put out a sign that says I’m a good guy.? Guns are a big business. And money is their God. The devil supports the Republican party. Their policies support abortions and murder.

February 2014
Comment to Supreme Court rejects NRA appeals
[And if an organization such as the NRA did not exist and he found it necessary to own a gun it would not be possible for him to legally purchase one.

“You’re safer without a gun in hostile situations then with one.” I didn’t know that! I guess that is why when cops go into hostile situations they always leave their guns behind, right? Yeah. Right. And stealing the words of Roberta, “What color is the sky up his ass?”

This is what these people think of you. Imagine what they would do to you and the Second Amendment if they wrote the laws. Oh, that’s right. You don’t have to imagine. Just read the laws of Washington D.C, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, and Chicago. It is people like this that we need the Second as well as the 13th Amendment. And it is people like this that should be put on trial.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—happy48

  1. That goes far beyond mere a sense of principles, and well into insanity.

    “Guns are a big business. And money is their God.

    This anti capitalism has become very common. It’s no longer necessary to get into any detail about a business– That it is for-profit is now an epithet that many Americans now consider a valid condemnation.

    “The devil supports the Republican party.”

    May be. I’ll give him that one, but that has nothing to do with the right to keep and bear arms, or any right! except that both political parties have been growing the power of the State to the detriment of liberty.

    “Their policies support abortions and murder.”

    Wait; which party were we talking about? Now we’re down into outright insanity. But then, as Karl Marx, and many others before him, put it; “Accuse your opponents of what you do.”

  2. You’re safer without a gun in hostile situations then with one. How is a cop going to tell the difference in a shoot out.

    Getting tired of this worn-out mess.

    Let’s see. I’m better off not fighting back against a man who’s trying to kill me, and instead wait for the police to get there and save me (many minutes after the bad guy starts shooting at me in the first place) because…

    …I might get shot?

    By the cops

    Does he even listen to himself?

    How would the cops tell the difference? I don’t know, how about I wouldn’t be shooting at THEM for one suggestion. Or how about I’d rather fight back and take the risk of getting shot by the police, than cower and pray that I don’t get killed by the homicidal maniac?

    Yup, you’re much better off just submitting to your government masters and letting them take care of you. Go right ahead, pal. You first.

  3. The cop will have no problem telling who you are in the shoot out you’ll be the @$$HOLE with the holes in you because you did not have a gun. The holes are the bad business, STUPID !

  4. How WILL the cops know the difference? Many don’t seem to be able to tell the difference between two white ladies in a pickup vs. one black man, armed criminal vs. teenager taking a shower, international terrorist vs. WW2 veteran…

    I think I’ll take my chances, buddy

  5. So, the Republican Party policies support abortions and murder.
    Mind explaining that one, Choomie? Last I read, it’s the Dems who support Abortion with laws, and also Dems who support murder by victim disarmament zones and catch and release policies, as well as policies that teach preteens that the government may catch them doing bad things,but it’s toothless and can’t hurt them for doing those bad things.

    • The NRA are bad people on the order of “Don’t participate in bicycling demonstrations to save Gaia bad” not “You’re truly in your heart afraid to be alone in a room with them bad” or “I don’t want to meet them after dark on a lonely street after I withdrew $500 cash from the ATM bad”, or “When I hear about a murder or something blowing up I think the NRA President was actually and actively plotting that murder or explosion bad.”
      However, I think Happy48 is bad in the “actively indoctrinating schoolchildren in poisonous ideas that will hurt their future bad” and in the “regularly votes for people who push laws that hurt children and poor people economically and in their health bad.”
      If we can’t be specific it’s just Newspeak, and he just said “You doubleplus f*****g Ungood!”, and about as meaningful and informative.

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