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Liberals … have a deep psychological need to destroy happiness and irritate those around them that is so fundamental to their nature, I am not even sure they are consciously aware of it. The state of our nation under their leadership is no accident – no matter how outlandish that may seem. If you don’t like seeing people happy, you find the rich, and the successful, and the happy, and the contented, and you set about screwing up their lives under the guise of their happiness being unfair, their behavior being wrong, immoral, or inconsiderate, and them being evil.

Many of the most committed Liberal ideologues are actually deriving joy from how they are reducing the happiness in the nation, and destroying our social organization. Whether it is screwing up the healthcare of people who enjoy having their healthcare, or trying to make everyone render their families equally vulnerable to crime, or taxing the happy rich people on the grounds that their success and happiness is unfair, Liberalism is more about diminishing the happiness of the happy, than alleviating the suffering of the unhappy, no matter what any Liberal tells you.

Liberals are a truly evil enemy, every bit as much as the Narcissist, and we need to view them as such.

Anonymous Conservative
March 22, 2014
How Narcissists Use Amygdala-Focus
[This might not be the case for all people that identify with the political label ‘liberal’ but I’m pretty sure it is a match for a great many of them.—Joe]


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  1. Second verse, same as the first!

    It’s the ’emotional’ version of the ‘economic’ policy as described by Margaret Thatcher in that video I pointed you to lo these many moons ago.

    “Once they start talking about the gap, they’d rather the gap were that: down here…”

  2. I wish we could stop participating in the lie by using the term “liberal” to describe authoritarians. Murderers may refer to themselves as saints too, but that doesn’t means we have to go along.

    If we can’t even get the most basic words right, and instead use them to describe their opposites, what hope is there for us? It’s no different from taking the words “shall not be infringed” and using “shall not be tolerated” instead, and then saying, “Well, you all know what I mean, so let’s not quibble over words”.

    How about a history of when, where and why the socialist/eugenicist/Progressive communists came up with and started using the lie that is the “liberal” label? If you knew about that, you’d never call them “liberals” ever again.

    • Good question. When did Leftists make the segue from “Progressive” to “Liberal”? I think it was along about 1930, as IIRC Hoover was considered “Progressive” so when FDR came along and in order to be seen as doing something, had to copy Hoover times 10, he called himself “Liberal” to distinguish himself from Hoover and be elected. It became a real insult when Dukakis objected to being called “Liberal” during his candidacy in 1988. Now “Liberal” is in purgatory and “Progressive” is back from exile (Kind of like Lenin coming back from Siberia).

  3. My SiL, the frothingmouthed leftist certainly is unhappy and forever resentful of others and continually compares herself to others as to what they have and she doesn’t have, which is a real recipe for unhappiness and mental unhealth if not out and out mental illness (considering the definition of Narcissistic Personality Disorder).

    • I compare myself to others in terms of what they have and what I don’t have, and it makes me unhappy …

      … until I remind myself that I haven’t buried myself under soul-crushing, permanent debt, and I won’t have to default on loans or declare bankruptcy, probably ever, but certainly not early in my adult life. I remind myself that I make a decent living – comfortable, if not extravagant – and that I don’t really need those things other people have to be happy (even if that means I lose a couple geek-cred points by not owning a “smart” phone 😉 ).

      • People who measure their happiness by their possessions rarely are happy.

  4. “Many of the most committed Liberal ideologues are actually deriving joy from how they are reducing the happiness in the nation….”

    Obviously they have too much joy, and must cease creating their own joy and start spreading it among other, less joyous people.

    Still, it never ceases to amaze me that people like this seem to think that intangibles like joy and happiness are limited and must be evenly distributed amongst everyone by an authoritarian government.

    “Happiness, joy, accomplishment, achievement … are not finite commodities, to be divided up. Is a child’s laughter to be divided up and allotted? No! Simply make more laughter!” — Terry Goodkind

    • “They’re laughing at ME. I just know it, so I have to stop them….”

      The urge to “take [someone else] down a notch” is sadly common, and apparently infectious.

      It certainly didn’t start with Karl Marx either. Cain killed Able, as the story goes, out of jealousy and that would have been rather before Marx’s time.

      All such thinking (if it can at all be called thinking) is the cause of mass destruction and mass killing, but at the more personal level it ruins families and businesses.

      So what we’re talking about is plain, old-as-the-hills envy and jealousy, but we don’t talk about such basic things anymore because that might lead to possible solutions, and we don’t want that. We’d rather get people angry at “those other people”, and in so doing we’re picking a fight. We’re starting WW III.

      • It isn’t the ‘possible solutions’ they’re worried about. The reason it’s not talked about is because to do so would be to reveal/acknowledge that the actual problem is not something external that they can change, but instead lies within themselves.

        ‘Man is not affected by events so much as by his reaction to them.’

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