Only white men get asked…

…this sort of question.

Ergo it is a disingenuous question, and/or the person asking it is a blithering fool. QED.

Bill Cosby, for example, never gets asked why white people are under-represented in his show, nor should he ever be asked. What a stupid question.

BTW; I had watched Cosby’s shows (including live action – the cartoon came later) on TV since I was a little kid, and I never knew he was black until I heard someone say so. It surprised me, in a way. That happened when I was entering adulthood, so my “ignorance” lasted through quite a few years of watching him. He never made an issue out of it, so I never noticed. The Cosby Kids cartoon showed kids just like us and our friends, doing crazy stuff just like we did. Same with Sanford and Son for the most part. They were a fairly typical father and son, much like the first-generation European immigrants and their kids that I grew up with in my home town.

Now you get crap if you don’t tow someone else’s agenda line or something. So ignore the crap and mind your business– It’s not that difficult, as Seinfeld points out..


4 thoughts on “Only white men get asked…

  1. Well, he got Chris Rock who I think is one of the funniest observational comedians around…

  2. I wish he’d said : “Wait. Is this you way of saying you think my show needs a racist Jewish Quota?”

    I think the appeal of the “diversity quota” is that they can always change the criteria so no matter what you do they can make sure you can never be in compliance. “You didn’t have a single one eyed redheaded divorced lesbian indigenous Siberian of Portuguese descent nonnative english speaker transwoman! Hater! Appease me, sinner!”

  3. I liked the fact yesterday that he was called a racist because he didn’t consider race.

  4. I look at Humor the way Heinlein did in the book:”Stranger in a Strange Land” where he argues that the root of humor is laughing at someone’s misfortune. Either your own, or someone else’s misfortune.

    That is why the PC movement would react to Seinfeld, and there is the irony. At its core, the PC movement is anti-humor, because they cannot stand the idea of laughing at someone’s expense/misfortune. That would be “unfair.”

    As I like to say, “toughen up, buttercup.” Grow a thicker skin. Grow a spine. Stop being afraid. If we are truly a nation of cowards (I believe we are), then the first step of the cure is to encourage humor. Learn to laugh at yourself and others without taking it personally. Tell the PC crowd to go piss-off.

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