Quote of the day—Jeannie Darneille

I am not a person who handles guns. I don’t own guns. I don’t…they shock me, quite frankly. We’re an open carry state and when I see people open carrying their guns, while it may be perfectly legal, it creates a visceral, personal, physical reaction in me as it does in other people…

Jeannie Darneille
January 29, 2014
Washington State Senator  (D-27th District)
In Senate, less circus, more circumspection, no media, one ‘shock’
[This is precisely what Anonymous Conservative says happens in the brains of liberals. The rabbit brain cannot handle the concept of stress. To others guns are tools to protect innocent life when threatened with immediate danger—a stressful situation.

She is compelled to reduce the thought of stress by demanding you become a rabbit or at least masquerade as a rabbit.—Joe]


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  1. How do you feel about people carrying long guns in downtown Seattle? Do they do that there?

    • It’s legal but I have never seen it. It would probably get you unwanted attention from the police. It wouldn’t matter to me as long as they were behaving themselves.

  2. This happened with not witnesses, although I did ask Brian what he thought of it before I engaged Sen Darnielle. I approached her privately in the milling crowd after the hearing because I wanted to be as un intimidating and inviting as possible.

    I told Sen Darnielle that in my experience knowledge was the best antidote for fear. And I wanted to ask if she would consider attending one of my safety classes, I said I was sure it would help her feel less afraid of “these things”. She smiled and said oh no she wasn’t afraid. She was afraid occasionally for her niece possibly coming on a firearm but that she wasnt’ afraid. I told her I’d be happy to arrange a class away from shows for anyone she thought might benefit, perhaps her nieces parents…? She responded that actually she’d had training in “police simulators” and knew about guns herself.

    Obviously given her public comments I suspect her public recollection (if any) of our short conversation might differ from mine. But, I thought I’d put my perspective of it out there, for your judgement.

    • In other words, she’s lying, stoking outrage, fear-mongering in public for political gain. I.e., a typical politician seeking personal gain from limiting and criminalizing individual rights.
      Not sure if we should feel sorry for such a pathetic excuse for a human being, or just lobby to have her locked up in a mental institution for the criminally insane.

    • Hmmm, I tried to post a reply, encouraging you to post this info on the WA State forum at opencarry.org, but apparently it got caught in the spam filter?

  3. “they shock me…when I see people open carrying their guns… it creates a visceral, personal, physical reaction in me…”

    I would ask Ms. Darneille if she has the same reaction when she sees a police officer or other armed security. Surely, as she goes about her day in the capitol and at public events, she must encounter armed individuals regularly. Is it only the fact that these people wear a uniform, (that they are on the clock) that dispels her “shock” and “visceral, personal, physical reaction”? Of course, context matters. I would react differently to a ninja pajama clad wacko brandishing an AK (with exploding bullets, of course) than I would to a polo and khaki dressed person with a holstered 1911. But does the good senator realize that Mr. Khaki and Officer Friendly are armed for exactly the same reason? To protect themselves and others around them from Crazy Ninja guy.

    • You have a problem with Crazy Ninja guy? What are you? Some sort of a liberal with a rabbit brain?! You know Crazy Ninja guy is nothing more than a gun activist who needs his AK for self defense! Sheesh! Talk about a double standard!

    • I wanted to do this but knew it would be a bit over the top on the confrontational front since I would have basically been attacking her in my testimony. Shortly after she gave that little speech a Seattle PD Officer sat down to give testimony with her side arm on. This senator didn’t look sick from it.

      I wanted to call her on that and ask one other question, “How many people in this room are carrying a firearm?” In the row I was sitting in alone it was about 90%.

      Most of the gun owners were carrying concealed, a few were doing all they could to get attention.

      *Ubu, if someone has holstered or slung firearm, I don’t care. There is no reason for me to care. The second they put it in their hands then I have reason for concern and care.

      *Further this woman was upset specifically about the open carry of pistols, know how I know because I was there, stop trying to make this into an argument about something that wasn’t even being discussed. I carry my side arm in the same manner as a cop, no need for panic unless you’re an uneducated and a hoplophobe.

  4. That visceral reaction has been carefully and methodically promoted for many years. As I’ve said before; it is possible to make someone afraid of just about anything.

    If reality (provable, readily knowable statistical likelihoods) had everything to do with what people were most afraid of, millions of Americans would be mortally afraid of automobiles, bicycles, water and staircases (to name but a few) long before they got around to thinking about firearms.

    In any case; a “visceral, physical reaction” to seeing an inanimate object is the indicator of a disturbed mind, and if we’re looking to disturbed minds for answers then we’re disturbed ourselves. The only thing it demonstrates, proves or even suggests is that that person needs help getting over their phobia.

    For someone to come out and admit a fear of clowns says nothing about the proper legal status of clowns.

  5. Spiders do that to lots of people also but we haven’t outlawed spiders. Your phobias are not society’s concern.

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