Quote of the day—Morpho

I don’t care so much about banning assault rifles as I do about the clip sizes and background checks. These weapons really aren’t the problem. If people want to waste money on these toys, go ahead. They’re fun to shoot for about 1 clip, then boooooooring. They’re a pain to clean and maintain, and the ammo isn’t exactly cheap. But they sure make your wiener feel enhanced, right big boy?

February 4, 2013
Comment to Assault Weapons Ban Likely To Die So That Broader Gun Policy Legislation Can Live
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Morpho

  1. Projection.

    At least Morpho admits that shooting can be fun. That’s a start.

    Morpho; the trick is to mix it up a bit, make up shooting games and contests, shoot at various kinds of targets at varying distances. Applied Creativity is the key. And attend Boomershoot one in a while. You’ll forget all about your wiener for a time.

  2. Wow what an idiot!

    “They’re fun to shoot for about 1 clip, then boooooooring.”

    This person has never been to a gun range. Also I’ll note I have quite a few guns that actually accept clips, and I tend to bring a dozen or so to the range myself.

    “They’re a pain to clean and maintain, and the ammo isn’t exactly cheap.”

    But they’re so fun to shoot that the ammo is worth it! Also pain to clean? How challenged do you need to be that mopping a bore and cleaning an action is a “pain”? Hell even shooting corrosive surplus ammo isn’t a big deal.


    • Lots of things that are generally considered “fun” are a lot more expensive and time consuming. Flying, parachting, skiing, fine wines, motorcycling, sailing, drag racing. How hard is it to clean a sailboat compared to cleaning a gun? Rather more so, I should think. The little bit of work I’ve done on a powerboat was a gold-plated pain in the arse compared to cleaning any firearm. Now sailing with machineguns…that would be even better.

      • I’m reminded of an event called “chute & shoot” — a combination skydiving and shooting competition. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to participate. Don’t know if they are still being held.

    • I kind of boggle at the whole ‘they’re a pain to clean and maintain’, myself. Cleaning weapons is a chore, but unless you’ve shot a half dozen weapons, it’s really not -that- onerous.

    • Part of it is envy. That sad sack is so poor he can’t afford a bit of ammo, and so dumb he can’t roll his own. If there is a phalic-ness in the whole thing, it’s his penis (substitute) envy of the Real Men ™ that not only have them, but are not afraid of them, and are productive enough they have the cash-flow to feed them. Pathetic little rodent.

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