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Leftists and Narcissists have weaker amygdalae which can’t handle stress, or process it into productive actions, and it will often manifest on the face as a subtle anxiety, sadness, or anger beneath their expressed emotions. Leftism is an attempt by leftists to prevent amygdala stimulation by seeking conditions of full government control of everyone, where no one can ever surpass the leftist in happiness or success. When such an individual’s amygdala fires off in response to their environment, anything and everything is on the table to stop the anxiety, provided that what they do doesn’t offer the threat of greater amygdala stimulation. So shooting an innocent girl is a viable amygdala relaxation technique, but encountering an armed individual capable of fighting back and hurting them, such as a Sheriff’s Deputy is not. This is why Communism so frequently devolves into oppressive bloodbaths, and why anyone who lets these idiots within a mile of any real power is a fool.

Anonymous Conservative
January 6, 2014
Amygdala Activation, Facial Expression, And Aberrant Behavior
[Both his blog and his book have some fascinating insights that seem to explain a lot of what would otherwise appear to be irrational behavior by leftist/progressives/communists. In this posts he offers an explanation of why most mass shooters have leftist political beliefs and they shoot themselves as soon as they encounter resistance.—Joe]


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  1. Very interesting indeed. After reading the article, I went through pics from my facebook friends. It does seem to hold true that those with known leftist beliefs are more likely to have eyes that don’t cooperate with the forced smile.

  2. Well it certainly is all about emotions– Envy, a morbid fear of actual self-sufficiency or independence (fear of growing up and having responsibilities), hatred, resentment, a sort of panicked need to fit in and be accepted coupled with the fear of being revealed, the need to view others as beneath one’s self, always attempting to maintain an acceptable ego, doing whatever it takes to avoid a sense of detachment. Hatred of anyone who might see them for what they are. Hatred of the innocence they lost a long time ago. The need to control others. The fear of being up-staged or embarrassed. It goes on and on. And so the pathological personalities will band together and reinforce one another’s egos, making them comfortable in like company while blaming anyone outside the group for their problems (including the weather).

    Yes; the leftist mentality is entirely and irrevocably pathological.

    So what do we do about it? The first and foremost, and most obvious, thing to do is NEVER fall into the trap of entertaining their insane and idiotic assertions as though they were genuine in any way. THAT is where the Republican Party, and most of us as individuals, fail on a regular basis, and THAT is what gives the pathological mind its power.

    Sure; there are actual well-intended, default leftists who simply do not know any better and so they have been fooled all their lives. DOESN’T MATTER. You don’t need to slap someone in the face or call them a card-carrying Nazi to let them know that the ideas they’re perpetuating are insane and come from socialists and communists who have no good intentions. In short; there are the perpetrators and the duped, and varying degrees of both, but they’re all wrong and they all need correcting or things are going to get very, very bad for everyone.

  3. “The only way unhappy-girl could see to shut off the anxiety was to get her boyfriend to help her kidnap happy-girl, so happy-girl’s throat could be slit, and she would no longer exist as an amygdala-stimulating reality. Only that alteration of reality could shut unhappy-girl’s amygdala off.”

    THIS is the meaning of the left’s term “social justice”. Remember it.

  4. If it’s evolution, then you guys are doomed! There are more D’s than R’s, so that means that the D gene is dominant and it’s only a matter of time before the R’s disappear! Thank you, evolution!! (Yes, I’m being silly. I don’t believe this BS.)

    • I have a lot of direct experience with someone that, while not really liberal, has a brain that works like this. The behavior description really resonated with me. Trying to have a discussion with a lot of anti-gun people also reminds me of the descriptions given by “Anonymous Conservative”.

      So while the broad characterization of this mental disorder being common to all or even most liberals might not be true I’m fairly certain it is true for a lot of them.

      See also the pictures of these anti-gun people.

      As for the numbers and evolution there is something you need to remember. As the environment changes the best fitness strategy changes. In an unlimited or at least plentiful resource situation with no or limited predators fast breeders win. When the resources are limited and there are predators intelligence and preparation/training of the young wins.

      The welfare state creates an good environment for fast breeders. The welfare state is collapsing and the essentially unlimited resource environment will soon disappear.

  5. This seems like a bunch of made up BS to me. In my experience, leftists are mostly well-meaning people that don’t have that much knowledge of history or economics. It irritates me when progressive types accuse anyone with a different viewpoint of actively wanting to do harm. For example, if you’re against raising the minimum wage it must be because you want to hurt poor people. I’m sure you can think of other examples.

    This looks like exactly the same thing, except aimed at the left. I would like to think our side is above this sort of thing.

    Also the little facebook photo “analysis” is un-scientific and completely unconvincing.

  6. Never meant it to be a controlled study–more or less for my own amusement.

    I was reminded of a quote that goes something like, “If you’re not a socialist when you’re young, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative when you’re old, you have no brain.”

    The gist being, many younger people, having socialist tendencies, wouldn’t fit this theory. They are happy as a frigging clam to believe Karl Marx was the best thing since sliced bread. However, I’d be curious to see what percentage of those in their 40’s, who never outgrew socialist thinking, do fit the theory.

    Reading that back, I’m not sure if I got my point across.

  7. “Leftists and Narcissists have weaker amygdalae which can’t handle stress…”

    I do NOT believe that the inability to handle stress (or to put it more succinctly; the condition of being controlled by emotions) is a hard-wired, permanent condition. I belive that it’s taught, and that likewise it can be overcome. I view it more like a disease. The first step is to recognize the condition, and in that regard the article is valuable.

    “If you’re not a socialist when you’re young, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative when you’re old, you have no brain.”

    May be, but if so I’d say that whay I regard to be the “default leftist” world view comes from the fact that it is being taught. It’s taught in media of all kinds (TV, movies, news, art and music; even fashion) and most particularly it is taught in public education. Kids are of course most vulnerable, and on that note; the communists/Fascists/Prograssives have understood this all along and have always targeted youth.

    • In a lot of people I believe it is. Not only from my direct experience but from reading books and articles on the almost universally failed attempts to treat such people. It may be that it is learned but there is a lot of data to suggest it can’t be overcome once these people reach adulthood.

    • The fact that you take such a flawed study seriously means you are just looking for data that supports YOUR bigotry and bias. Next?

    • BS science, as you well (should) know. Poor methodology, jumping to conclusion not supported by the data, and contradicting numerous other studies.

  8. I just came across the “classic” pic of a media leftist over at Ace’s, the first thing that popped into my mind was “smile and rest of face don’t match.” May not be anything to the theory, but it’s interesting. http://minx.cc/?post=346334

  9. The conclusion I draw from this is that leftism attracts damaged people. Not that all leftists are damaged.

    Be cautious about making broad, sweeping generalizations about such a large and diverse group of people. They are rarely true.

    Know thy enemy, as it were.

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