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The worse apples now being pushed by Obama don’t provide much money to offset the risks, and that’s even if insurers are able to keep pace with the ever-changing Obama position on what is good and what is bad for American insurance consumers. The possibility of systemic collapse in the New Year looks increasingly real.

Chris Stirewalt
December 20, 2013
How about them apples: ObamaCare rewritten again
[Yesterday my friendly neighborhood health insurance expert read part of King Obama new Obamacare decree to me. There was “a tone of voice” in the reading that made me think carefully about my response. I thought about it for a couple seconds and said, “What does that even mean?”

The response was sharp, “Exactly! I don’t even know. How can this possibly work?” I told them insurance companies should just forget about people actually enrolling and paying premiums. What they need to do is just have healthcare providers send the bills to them and they should just pay them. That will cut down on all the confusion, excess paperwork, and reduce costs just like Obamacare was originally intended.

I’m fortunate their sarcasm detector was fully operational and the exasperation was vented in a direction other than toward me.—Joe]


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  1. It can’t work. It doesn’t need to work. It’s purpose is to give Obama a soundbite for a news cycle, so he has some sort of CYA for his water-carriers to feed to ultra-low-information voters so he can “plausibly” blame the insurance companies for greed, incompetence, or whatever, so he can throw them under the bus before he declares from the balcony he’s nationalizing them for the good of the people.
    Total banana republic stuff. Not a messiah, a maroon. He may understand mob psychology, but his hubris doesn’t allow him to see that there is much more to America than that.

    • I just wonder how it’ll end. Aside from ‘badly’ which is kind of a given.

      I just have this chilling image of Obama doing just that… and a sizeable number of state governors saying ‘fuck you’.

      And that point, the wheels really do come off.

      • Or, if we are lucky, after a lot of wobbling about, they get put back on. Consider – things look like they are going totally to shit, a heard of governors give the Feds the big FU, Congress responds by cutting “optional” funds, the states retaliate by cutting programs… then they realize that life goes on. And then they tell their citizens – “if you don’t want to pay all your taxes, but only a percentage, we’ll back you up!” Boom, things get very exciting, very fast.

        • Yeah, that scenario’s popped into my head as well. Feds and states start refusing to send money to each other… and then the states realize ‘Oh hai, we don’t really NEED the fed, now do we?’.

          I am so fucking glad Dad is retired from the IRS at this point (of course, he’s glad as well; he didn’t want to deal with ANY part of the ACA).

  2. “That will cut down on all the confusion, excess paperwork, and reduce costs just like Obamacare was originally intended.”

    Intended? No. The socialist/narcissist/sociopath/authoritarian sees people accomplishing things and MUST either take credit for it, redirect it so as to take credit for it, or attempt to stop it. The only intent Progressives have ever had is to be the focus of attention.

    Sure; they used the lies of simplification and cost reduction as selling points directed at the most ignorant, but they’ve always known that the results would be chaos and frustration.

    That’s the whole purpose. When you have a narcissist/sociopath over for Thanksgiving dinner, everything is going smoothly and no one is paying enough attention to the narcissist, what happens? The n/s will act out in some way, to derail the situation, and it doesn’t matter how. He’ll do whatever it takes.

    When the narcissist/sociopaths have the opportunity to control trillions of dollars and mess with hundreds of millions of people’s lives, we call it politics. That’s the ACA.

  3. What most folks are failing to realize is that collapse of the insurance industry and then single payer have been the intent from the beginning. This must be resisted at ALL costs ! “Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the socialist state” V.I. Lenin.

    • What might not have been realized is that the insurance industry prepared for the losses. They have some large bank balances to help them make it through the turmoil until the law is changed. Similar stupid/evil insurance laws have been passed in some of the states before and the insurance companies are “battle hardened”.

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