Politician crazy talk

These people have mental problems:

Senator Kevin de Leόn (D-Los Angeles) today announced he would introduce legislation to ban the sale, manufacture, purchase and trafficking of “ghost guns” unless they are pre-registered with the Department of Justice through a serial number and gun owner background check.  In order to receive a serial number, self-made or assembled firearm must include permanent metal components that cannot be detached and that are detectable as required by existing law.

“Gun parts can be obtained online or now with 3D printers made at home, leaving no way for law enforcement to ensure that prohibited individuals are not making ghost guns on their own,” said Senator De Leόn.  “No one knows they exist and there is no way to know if criminals or other dangerous individuals are circumventing firearm laws by making these guns.”

If the concern is, as it appears to be in the press release, that a gun can be easily made with a 3-D printer by someone prohibited from possessing a firearm then how is a law prohibiting such guns being made going to be more effective than the law prohibiting the possession once the gun is finished?

“Permanent metal components that cannot be detached”? I don’t care if it is riveted, glued, or completely encased in plastic, it can, almost trivially, be removed. Drill or grind out any rivets, drill a hole in the metal to insert a screw, heat the metal until it slightly melts the plastic and then pull it the metal out via the inserted screw. Then, if needed, refill the void with plastic/wood/fiberglass/whatever.

And that is if the guy pushing the “Print” button isn’t smart enough to delete the extra instructions for the 3-D printer to make the void for the metal part in the first place.

And in any case does this guy think such a law will be any more effective than laws banning recreational drugs? This is crazy talk.

I would expect to find more rational people in long term care at a psych ward. Maybe he hasn’t been taking his meds recently.


4 thoughts on “Politician crazy talk

  1. Just wait ’till someone figures out that your printer could be required to have an internet connection to the ATF and the NSA before it would function. They’d slap a software requirement on the manufacturers. Wait for permission, then execute print function, after which you have so much time to register the result or prove it isn’t a gun. It’s essentially what we do before we buy a gun or hop on an airplane, and we know our phone and internet activity meta data are being stored, so it’s not a stretch at all. It never is.

  2. Unfortunately, this par for the course for De Leon, CA gun owners know this politician quite well. He;s good for at least solidly anti0gun bills a year. most never make it through the legislature, those do are representative of the highest level of hoplophobia. That is when they aren’t be stricken down as being Unconstitutional

  3. Ghost guns????

    Hell, I want my very own Spooky, but the flying lessons for multi-engine would be expensive.

    • Not to mention the ammo costs. But, wow! Wouldn’t one of those be awesome if you could afford it and the crew?

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