ID Verification

I came across this, a story about people getting hung up on the “ID Verification” part of the application, because won’t let you shop for plans until it “knows” who you are. So data-security issues aside, could this hangup be used to leverage a renewed call for new universal ID cards, now possibly (probably) tied in with biometrics, DNA, and medical records?

Let me rephrase: I know can be. Any bets on whether or not it does (soon) and who will be the first to call for it?


10 thoughts on “ID Verification

  1. I’ll give even odds between Schumer and Pelosi.

    I’ll give better-than-even odds that McCain backs it.

    • And when it goes “wrong”, blame liberty and demand more socialism;
      “We need more tools and resources!”

      • I think pleading “lack of resources” is a universal cop-out for failure in ALL bureaucracies, public or private, regardless of ideology. Because if leadership blames the people in charge, they lose their power, pay, and perks; if they blame the minions, then their fiefdom gets reduced in the lay-offs. It is a bureaucratic imperative that something “outside their control” gets blamed, just like claiming more resources would have produced success.

  2. Maybe its just me, but isn’t Obummerdoesn’tcare targeted at making loyal fans from the low-income/welfare/.gov-handout/illegal alien crowds? How is that last group supposed to sign up if they’re supposed to remain “undocumented”? And if they’re going to require ID’s to get healthcare that I’m frikkin paying for, then they darn well should require ID’s to vote for the idiots who decide where my taxes are going.

    • You are trying to make sense. Be careful, there, you might hurt yourself and sprain your frontal lobe something fierce. You see, illegals and recent immigrants are not covered under ObamaCare, so that makes it all better (aside from making them even cheaper to hire that full citizens). There, now, doesn’t that make everything all better? I mean, here in WA illegals can get government driver’s licenses. Sooooo… Uhhh…. weeellll…. errrr… Ahem. You know what I mean. Just figure it out, because HE WAS VERY CLEAR. PERIOD!

    • Possibly – but the, they might just be ID, not “proof of citizenship.” Or like your SS card and number “not to be used for any purpose other than SS” (except what the needs of the moment are).

  3. As Jimmy said to Waco in the original “Sahara”, “That’s a sucker bet.” We knew since Nixon made his Fantasy Baseball Enemies List that the IRS could be used for bad purposes, and we knew that it WOULD be used since the Clinton Map Room scandal, and that was driven home with an 8 pound maul in the Obama IRS conservative organization audit scandal.

  4. This sure is interesting. On the one hand we have the socialist goal to track and control everything and everyone. On the other hand we have the socialist goal to get illegal aliens to vote. It’s hard for them to do both at the same time. I suspect that, for now, the second goal will win. After all, they needed voting fraud for several recent election wins, which of course is why they so violently oppose any attempt to implement any scheme aimed to ensure only citizens can vote.

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