Quote of the day—Ashley

Nobody cares about your guns, if you hunt with them or (I hope) someday kill yourself with them.

Everyone else considers “ya’ll” crazy. We strive for the day that your ancient propaganda goes extinct. You, Mr. Redneck, are a dying breed of ignorance.

November 5, 2013
Comment to Quote of the day—The Coquette
[Why are anti-gun people so violent? Oh, yeah. Now I remember.

Don’t ever forget. There are a sizeable number of anti-gun people that want you dead. They want your children dead. This is just one willing to announce it on my blog. They believe their desires are so mainstream they don’t even have to hide that wish and will tell it to your virtual face. And perhaps it is a mainstream view in San Luis Obispo California where Ashley is (IP address Yet people look at me a little strange when I tell them I try to avoid California because those people hate “my kind”.

People will say “it’s just talk”. “You don’t have to worry about someone like that.”, they will reassure me. Probably not. But I’ll bet a lot of people didn’t think they would have to worry about a half nuts failed artist in prison writing a book about “My Struggle” either.

And you do you notice that in her world view I’m ignorant and crazy? I’m quoting U.S Supreme Court cases, Federal Appeals Court cases, and Gandhi. What does she reference to bolster her view? Nothing. And claims of me being ignorant by people who have spent more than two minutes of time talking to me are non-existent. I am therefore forced to conclude that Ashley has based her conclusion on ignored data. Which, if I’m not mistaken, makes her the ignorant or possibly crazy one.—Joe]


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  1. I get tired of hearing about how people in the south, particularly gun owners, are uneducated, ignorant rednecks. I have an IQ of 146 and four college degrees. I am far from ignorant.
    “Redneck” has become a racial slur against southern whites, in my opinion.

    • An IQ of 146 and four degrees — and I’ll bet there are still things you don’t know….

      • As if we’ve been claiming to know absolutely everything about everything? But we can recognize such a false argument when you present it here.

        No, Young Grasshopper, we don’t know everything, but we do understand the principles upon which this country was founded, we understand more about history (the good and the bad) than the average American, and we know that the Progressive (incremental communist) movement opposes those principles.

        • You know, it’s funny but I’ve been reading about the movement to eliminate child labor back around the 1900s. Progressives wanted to outlaw child labor so children could go to school, etc. The anti-progressives wanted to keep child labor because (keep in mind that children worked as young as the age of five and were paid about a 1/3 of what an adult man was paid) businesses would crumble without child labor. The anti-progressive side swore that eliminating child labor was “communist.”

          I guess, what I’m trying to say is, at times, I’d rather be labeled a communist than an anti-progressive.

          • Does that include when they’re committing terrorist acts such as those noted by Mr. Huffman a few days ago?

            And I do notice your wording: ‘progressives’ care about kids, ‘anti-progressives’ don’t. Nicely slipped in.

          • Of course the progressives were trying to get the children into their schools. See how that’s ‘progressed’ since then? Mass amounts of 18 year olds who can’t count change, or solve simple math problems. Can’t read past 6-8 grade level, if at all. Can’t identify continents, much less states in the union. And have no clue about the subject of ‘civics’.

            Yep, that ‘progressive education has worked very well,….at turning out several generations of ignoramuses which are much easier to control and cajole into voting for their new masters. Which was the point of the exercise anyway.

            The ‘progressives’ want to get on the gravy train and stay on it as long as possible.

  2. These people, like most commenters on anti-gun internet articles, are just old fashioned armchair quarterbacks. They know absolutely nothing about what they speak. Zero. Zip. Nada. They have never stepped foot in a gun range, never went to a gun show, and probably never fired a firearm. They still think that their “enemy” is a strawman uneducated backwater redneck.

    Having frequented people of the gun for some time, I know, like most of you, that this is the furthest thing from the truth. My local range on weekends is usually comprised of at least a third to 40% of women at the lanes at any given moment. I see parents with their kids, and I even see grandmothers. The same holds true at gun shows. I can’t tell you how many smiles and thank yous I get for bringing my little 4-year old daughter with me to the shows. She was 6 months old when she went to her first show. The most frequent comment I get at the shows, especially from women, is “thank you for bringing her.” She watches hunting shows with me, and all she keeps asking is if some day she’ll be able to hunt deer with her dad and grandpa.

    This latest generation of kids grew up playing massive amounts of hours of Call of Duty. What do you think these kids are going to be interested in trying out when they get a little older? These anti-gun people are completely divorced from reality. But I say, let’s not burst their reality bubble. Let them think that we are stupid, old, fat, white rednecks. It’s the reason that they can’t get anything done legislatively outside of the enclaves of NYC and CA. It doesn’t mean they won’t try, but like CO showed them, there is a price for overreaching.

  3. She’s also a considerable bigot. Assuming you are of a certain type just because you own and use firearms, using a slur that is directed at people of a low intelligence or character based on nothing but her own bigoted notions.

    • At the top of this blog, it reads “The View From North Central Idaho; Ramblings on explosives, guns, politics, and sex by a redneck farm boy who became a software engineer.”

      Joe calls himself a redneck so I don’t think he considers that a slur.

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  5. People like Ashley are the product of a permissive society and parents who put no bounds on erratic or churlish behavior, unless something non-PC was done. If she hit another white girl over the noggin and took her blocks in Kindergarten, she might get a time out, but maybe not. As she got older, the entitled behavior likely grew – with cute little parent supplied cell phones and dancing lessons. Of course, in CA you can’t really poke fun at gays, blacks or hispanics, so you have to resort to making fun of the poor kid that doesn’t live in a classy neighborhood like yours.

    Fact is, it’s easy, fun, and socially acceptable to denigrate (is that a racist term?) normal white folks – particularly if they have a bit of a southern accent. And the media LOVES this – half the reality shows on TV are about toothless Southerners who live in the backwoods and hunt gators or turtles for a living. So the “gunowner as ignorant Redneck” meme continues to survive.

    If these brats had learned that bad behavior had some consequences, we’d have a lot less problems with gun control today. Petulance breeds contempt for anyone who “isn’t like you.”

  6. “What does she reference to bolster her view?”

    This is an important question, and it has a very important answer, right here in her words;
    “Everyone else considers “ya’ll” crazy.”

    This first became crystal clear to me during the run-up to the election when Initiative 676 was on the Washington ballot. They had a web site that was focused mainly on showing us how isolated we were, how many “smart” and prominent people supported the Initiative while only a few ignorant dunces were against it.

    This happens on the personal level all the time. Evil gets to you by telling you you’re hopeless, wrong, stupid, foolish, no one agrees with you, you have no friends and so on, and so you must rely on it, submit to it, for any hope of redemption or even survival. It happens on all levels, and most certainly in politics. Isolation is one of the documented Alinsky tactics, and an important one. Never fall for it on any level.

    And I must again comment on the “I’m smart, I have an IQ of (x) or I have such and such degrees, et al” argument. It isn’t the quality of the brain that matters. That, if you think about it, is the argument of the Enemy. The KKK, the Fabian Socialists, the Nazis, et al have all used such an argument—the superiority ploy. It says “Listen to me because I’m smarter or better than you.”

    No, Young Grasshopper. It isn’t the quality of the brain of how much information that’s been stuffed into it that matters. It’s what controls the brain that matters. It’s the guiding principles.

    • I remember the looks of absolute disbelief on the faces of many of the 676 supporters. They were shocked that they not only lost, they lost in the largest landslide the state had ever seen. they were in such a bubble themselves that they really kicked a hornets nest, thinking they were flattening it when they were really just getting them good and angry. Hell, you can’t get 70% of the population to agree that water is wet, but the initiative went down with 70.62% against it. But they were sure they were right, because they were smart, and good, and they cared!

  7. Ha! You got my IP address and assumed I’m a princess. I am positively shaking in my boots! How much can you do with an IP address? Zilch. Shows how much you know about the world around you, my town is an agricultural mecca, farms and cows everywhere, shooting ranges (I’ve hunted and shot a gun!) churches, families and conservative bumpkins everywhere. I come from a Christian, air force to law enforcement family, grew up working on the back of a horse, no dance classes, no cell phone, no punching other students either. That said, I commend you on your ability to read selectively and make assumptions. You picked the exact words I had hoped you would jump at, while pointedly ignoring me when I said NOBODY WANTS TO TAKE YOUR GUNS AWAY. You’re scared, you know your side is dwindling. I don’t even want to take your guns away! I just want the cops to know you have them in case one of your children inherits your obvious mental illness and decides to shoot up a school. You cite court cases and issues from over a century ago as the reason to avoid progress today. The world has changed, and that which does not change with the world goes extinct. That is you and everyone like you in all of your failure to adapt.
    Thank goodness!

    • Here’s the thing. There ARE people that want to take our guns away. They have said so, in so many words. Including your state senators. Gun ownership rates are rising, not falling. NRA membership is GROWING, not shrinking. Anti-gun membership is pathetically small, as demonstrated by pathetically small rallies and meeting, and a continuing stream of easily debunked propaganda masquerading as facts. The pro-gun side has the law, history, and crime-stats on their side. Gun registration has failed to reduce crime everywhere it’s been tried; in fact, Canada scrapped it’s gun registration program after a decade and more than 2 Billion dollars (a cost of more than $300 per gun registered!) because it was sucking resources from useful activities, was never shown to have prevented or solved even a single crime, and was riddled with errors. (Oh, it was also created by the same company now working on the Healthcare.gov website.)
      You are living in denial. You equate “change” with “improvement,” even when that is obviously false. Ever read about US v Haynes (1968, http://www.firearmsandliberty.com/cramer.haynes.html )? Felons can’t be convicted of failure to register, because it would violate their 5th protections against self-incrimination. That means it’s a law that ONLY otherwise law-abiding citizens can break.

    • I used to work in “cyber security” for a government lab. You would be amazed and frightened how much I can do with an IP address.

      The court cases I cited were from 2008 and 2011. Are you saying you are from 2112 or beyond? If so, then cool! If not then your ignorance is showing.

      I have no idea where you got the idea I thought you were a “princess”.

      If you believe no one wants to take my guns away then you are, again, showing your ignorance.

      If you think gun owners are dwindling you are, again, demonstrating your ignorance (and here).

      Obvious mental illness? Perhaps you would like to elaborate on that because it would be news to me, everyone else who reads my blog and personally knows me. But you were just demonstrating, again, your ignorance.

      And even if the cops knew that I have them how would that help if one of my kids decided to shoot up a school? How is it you imagine a gun registry would make the world a better place? Have you actually thought this through or looked at the gun registries of Chicago, Washington D.C., New Jersey, New York City, Hawaii, Canada and how “effective” they are at accomplishing anything of value?

      I’ve been debating for the rights of gun owners for 20 years. I’ve been a speaker at the Gun Rights Policy conference twice. I’ve been on national radio and national television, advocating for gun owners rights. I’ve been in Newsweek, Outside Magazine, stories on the AP “wire”, and one video I was in was nominated for an Emmy award. And this blog is listed as one of the top gun blogs in the world.

      Even if you knew what you were talking about, instead of repeatedly demonstrating your ignorance, you wouldn’t stand a chance of success in a battle of wits or knowledge about gun rights with me.

      • Joe, I don’t think she’s demonstrating ignorance.
        I think she’s demonstrating a point made in my earlier post in another thread.

        She’s not ignorant. Any person who can navigate the web can easily read what you linked to. If she will not rationally recognize the facts you’ve presented, she’s either a shill, bought and paid for, or she’s H Stupidicus.

        In either case, very dangerous to be around.

        • Personality disorders can cause a similar set of symptoms. A case could be made that the majority of leftists can be categorized as having either Borderline Personality Disorder or Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

          I have been wanting to write a post about that for a long time. It probably would take a half-day or so to do it right and I always have more important things to do.

    • “The world has changed, and that which does not change with the world goes extinct.”

      Uh, yes, the world has changed.

      You realize that more Americans support gun rights than they did nearly twenty years ago, right? You also realize that in April there was a huge opportunity for gun control advocates to pass laws that would’ve inconsistently penalized lawful gun owners – and their pet legislation failed to secure enough votes to pass, right? You also realize that everytime a mass shooting occurs nowadays, gun control advocates can’t seem to garner enough support to pass their pet legislation “FOR THE CHILDREN,” right?

      Yes, the world is changing. And you know what? People with your mindset are LOSING.

      I’m perfectly okay with that.



      …your side is dwindling

      You might want to re-check your math on that one.

      The world has changed, and that which does not change with the world goes extinct.

      So stop trying to bring about a worldwide fungus of a repeatedly failed ideology to replace one that has been proven effective.

    • So someone made an assumption about you? It pissed you off a little didn’t it? So why was it acceptable for you to do it BEFORE they did it? And I quote Ashley “Nobody cares about your guns, if you hunt with them or (I hope) someday kill yourself with them.

      Everyone else considers “ya’ll” crazy. We strive for the day that your ancient propaganda goes extinct. You, Mr. Redneck, are a dying breed of ignorance.”

      So you have an issue with rednecks, and wish we would kill ourselves. Discrimination and hate speech. Period. So who has the “ability to read selectively and make assumptions” after all? While two wrongs may not make a right… one wrong sure as hell doesn’t even come close to making a right. In fact, like left, it is the opposite of right. You have issue with court cases that are over 100 years old. They are that old, like the Constitution (which is older if you didn’t know), which controls the ruling in those cases, because they have stood the test of time and have survived the ignorance of those who would challenge the Constitution in the first place. Lastly, are you a psychologist? You seem to be able to draw up a complete profile on people based on a blog post. Please tell me how you can diagnose so accurately? This is a breakthrough! Why don’t you lend your considerable skills to local, state, and federal law enforcement so they can spend more time catching dangerous criminals and less time trying on the jack boots you would have them wear? You are very right. The world has changed. For the worse. Which further justifies my need to protect my family from would be violent offenders and from people like you who would “progressively” attempt to subvert my God given Constitutional Rights. In short… Fuck. Right. Off.

  8. “Nobody wants to take your guns away”.
    I do believe in that is one of the most incredibly ignorant(I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt and not calling it/her stupid.) statements I have seen posted by one of our self-admitted enemies.
    Actually overall that whole sceed is a pretty good display of wilfull ignorance – that or straight-up malice

    • I run into that regularly. Usually some socialist* who keeps insisting it’s so, and when you give them actual quotes from Obama and Feinstein and various other politicians and activists they either ignore them or “AHA! And yet you still have your guns!” As if the fact that they haven’t been able to do it somehow negates that they WANT to.

      *They usually call themselves ‘progressive’; since progressive is a socialist or communist who doesn’t have the integrity or balls to say outright what they are, I just put in the proper word.

      • “As if the fact that they haven’t been able to do it YET somehow negates that they want to.”

        Not to violate Godwin’s law, but even after Kristallnacht there was no program to murder all the Jews.
        I guess the Jews who wanted to leave Germany before the shooting started in 1939 were all delusional.

  9. Hey Ashley, my breed of ignorance may be dying, as you say, but your breed of ignorance seems to to doing just fine. Honey the fact that gun ownership is NOT against the law seems to have no impact on your tiny little brain and the fact that you harassing law abiding citizens over their free choices is alludes your limited intellect.

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