Another joke comes to life

Today’s sarcastic jokes are often tomorrow’s real life. And here we are once again. No doubt, many gun owners said after the event at the Boston Marathon, or thought to themselves sarcastically; “I guess we’ll have to ban pressure cookers then. That’ll stop future bombings.” Well, it turns out that a company halted sales of pressure cookers after the Boston bombing.

Sure; it’s not an actual ban imposed by out-of-control law makers. They halted sales of pressure cookers voluntarily for a while “out of respect”. You may think; “What’s the big deal, Lyle? Jeeze.” and to that I say that this is quite insane, and that this sort of insanity is rampant. It is promoted.

It’s a cooking implement, for Pete’s sake! Put out some flowers if you want to show respect, or, you know, actually reach out and offer help to the victims and their families? Ever thought of that? Hmm?

What if someone used a pair of crutches to commit a crime? You going to halt the sale of crutches “out of respect”? Idiots. Hmm…you know it would be entirely possible to make a bomb using a fire extinguisher as the containment vessel. Let’s ban those then. Same goes for guns – we restrict the tools of self protection in response to crime. What a bunch of blithering idiots we’re becoming.

This is yet another in a very long line of cases of punishing the innocent for the actions of the guilty. They punished the whole city of Boston too, with that lock-down. I’m disgusted that there wasn’t a city-wide defiance of that order. Such cowards as we are, such zombies, maybe we deserve to be slaves.


6 thoughts on “Another joke comes to life

  1. The point is, Lyle, WE saw it coming, and said so. Now, you have to believe that the Left thinks that they are God’s Gift to spying, and they troll our blogs, so they would have known that we’d have seen through this bit of the theater of the absurd.

    But they don’t care.

    Just like Bloomie pulling a stat out of his butt that the country was 90% in favor of gun control (the accurate figure was 56%, and only for a short while, post-Newtown with the height of the national angst) then spending millions to sell the idea, then acting all butt-hurt that his phony stat didn’t put the Left’s registration scheme over the top.

    How do you fight a cabal which lies, then lies about lying, then when you set to calmly refuting their lies, stuffs their fingers in their ears and yells, “I can’t hear you”? Since you are faced with what amounts to a child’s tantrum, you apply child psychology. The brand of child psychology is your choice, but I favor the older style.

    “Son, bring me the paddle”.

  2. It comes from the same bizarre cargo-cult mindset as gun control — they blame the item for the action, rather than the person.

  3. So, we should hope someone doesn’t make a zip-gun out of a pair of crutches, and use it to shoot a fire extinguisher in a crowd of puppies and nuns?

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  5. Ted Bundy used crutches to lure his victims in. Isn’t it time his victims had a vote?

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