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I cannot begin to tell you how many memories, flash-back and déjà vu moments I’ve had…

Youth brigades with full indoctrination programs and training to rat on all non-conformists, including their own families, mandatory service of up to 2 years in some sort of “service corps” for “mandatory national service” (which ultimately will turn out to be work brigades needed for cheap slave labor), nationwide police force with full military capabilities and numbers surpassing it and all the “patriotic” work they will be doing like income verification (making sure you’re not living above your means), suppression of free speech and all other basic rights, midnight roundups and arrests, impromptu inspections of homes/businesses/vehicles with no need of any kind of search warrant, unlimited detention at the slightest suspicion of illegal activities (guess how many things will still be legal by then) and so on, so forth. 

Just a recommendation: start showing these proposals to the people you know from the old communist block and then take notes.  Most of them can tell you from memory what the road map will look like. 

Adrian Bogdan
January 15, 2013
From the gun email list at work.
[While the context was the anticipated attack this morning on gun rights by the President Adrian was actually referring to a different article. Still, the road map could be similar.

Other people don’t exactly have a “warm and fuzzy” feeling over the current activities of our public servants either.

It’s interesting to hypothesize parallels to the Palmer Raids which could be used in our current situation:

The Justice Department launched a series of raids on January 2, 1920 with follow up operations over the next few days. Smaller raids extended over the next 6 weeks. At least 3000 were arrested, and many others were held for various lengths of time. The entire enterprise replicated the November action on a larger scale, including arrests and seizures without search warrants, as well as detention in overcrowded and unsanitary holding facilities. Hoover later admitted “clear cases of brutality.” The raids covered more than 30 cities and towns in 23 states, but those west of the Mississippi and south of the Ohio were “publicity gestures” designed to make the effort appear nationwide in scope. Because the raids targeted entire organizations, agents arrested everyone found in organization meeting halls, not only arresting non-radical organization members but also visitors who did not belong to a target organization, and sometimes American citizens not eligible for arrest and deportation.

The Department of Justice at one point claimed to have taken possession of several bombs, but after a few iron balls were displayed to the press they were never mentioned again.

About 10,000 were eventually arrested.

Also the Japanese (and lesser known Italian and German) internment camps are also examples worthy of using for potential parallels.

And, of course, it was a liberal/progressive administration in charge at the time of both the Palmer Raids and the internment camps.

The way it could come about is as follows. There will be widespread noncompliance and heated talk about the “common sense” legislation when the next tragedy occur. Then, particularly if it involves a government entity, those most vocal will be targeted even when they had nothing to do with the violence.

Our Federal government hasn’t passed a budget in, what, three years now? There is significant political tension over the debt and debt ceiling

In times of discontent the government needs scapegoats. Gun owners are now the designated scapegoats. It’s could turn into an extremely rapid escalation of events. The more we complain and the more we resist the more valid the claims that “we can’t be trusted with weapons of war” may appear. They then “have to” confiscate them to preserve our “democracy” (I know it’s a republic but they won’t admit that).

I can see the sound bites now:

  • Those most hostile to our way of life must not be allowed to spread their hate.
  • They do not represent true American values and respect for our form of government.
  • While still respecting the 2nd Amendment we must restrict the rights of a few gun owners in order to respect the rights of the population as a whole to be free from fear.

    Sure, virtually no one is talking about stuffing people in cattle cars right now. But five weeks ago we didn’t, and most probably couldn’t, imagine we would be seeing seven round magazine limits being law, or a full-court press for a more restrictive “assault weapon” ban at the Federal level.

    Things sometimes happen extremely quick. The Rwandan genocide went from moderate tension to mass murder in 30 minutes. Many other events of historical significance went from moderate tension to massive human rights violations over the course of a just a few weeks or months. And, of course, it will be for the children.—Joe]

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    1. here in flyover country they will have to use some of those hollow point ammo they have have, they will be able to take the large eastern and western coast cities most of those will lay down and take but here we have to many vets that do rember there oath and still believe in it.

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