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Retire? I will probably get killed in the early battles of the coming revolution.

Mostly Cajun
January 27, 2012
[Via Kevin who posts about the violence in parts of Europe over the economic collapse in progress.

I can relate to this. Although I would like to think things will collapse slowly enough that I can retreat to a “bug out place” and avoid most of the bloodshed or worst case, as someone told me a few years ago, “You and I won’t have to worry about getting into an armed conflict with the government because they will pick up us on the first pass.” I would then hope I get released after the fighting, if any, is over with.—Joe]

3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Mostly Cajun

  1. True,

    Gun bloggers have pretty much self-identified as a group to be dealt with in the first pass.

    I hope internment is what they have planned for us….

  2. Sorry. Nope. Ain’t playing. See, my Father fought in the Hungarian Revolution, and barely made it out with just the clothes on his back. Then back in 1974, I got a chance to visit my Relatives behind the Iron Curtain, and I saw what the “Socialist Utopia” is really like. So if they come for me, I’m not going behind the Wire Fence. Not saying I’ll be much use as a Fighter for Years in the Hills, but I figure I can slow them down some and get a couple while the Youngsters carry on the fight.

    Guess it’s in the Blood.

  3. I envision “The Revolution” being mostly likely to be riots over food, shelter, etc. Just getting out of the cities and letting them burn as the police/National-Guard try to prevent it would be adequate to preserve my safety and that of my family. Any socialist/communist government take over attempt would most likely be after the riots start and I would have more time to prepare, plan, and evade any attempts at being picked up “on the first pass”.

    What I would do at that point would be highly dependent upon the circumstances and extremely unlikely to be discussed in public.

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