Quote of the day—Jennifer Rubin

Liberals would like us to believe we don’t have stricter gun control laws because politicians are putty in the hands of the National Rifle Association. In fact, most pols are exquisitely attuned to popular opinion. The reason neither Democrats or Republicans aren’t pushing for gun control is that voters don’t want it. Democracy can be a stubborn thing.

Jennifer Rubin
August 8, 2012
Thumbs down on gun control
[Rubin is correct but doesn’t go far enough. Many Liberals do not understand that facts and even reality can be a stubborn thing.—Joe]

4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jennifer Rubin

  1. A bureacrat in Futurama once used this line: “You are technically correct, which is the very best kind of correct.”

    Respect for “the truth” is fine and good, but having an ironclad test of the null hypothesis in hand works even better.

  2. Since when have facts, truth, reality and honesty been any part of
    liberals opinion, actions, speech or writing?

  3. The sad thing is pols react (or don’t) based on public opinion, not on the restrictions placed on them by the Constitution. That in itself should be reason to hoist the “shame” flag.

  4. To Liberals the fact is feelings play an equal role as truth, and the truth be told that emotions rule their reality, and honestly they do feel a lot of emotional stuff that informs their opinions, speech, and writing…

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