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You see the antis claim that these guns and practices would result in MORE violent crimes. Just the opposite has happened.

But they’re attempting to spin this as a victory…I guess to the legions of the VERY VERY stupid.

We are blessed to have opponents such as these!

Weerd Beard
September 19, 2011
Fails of the Antis
[As near as I can determine we have three types of opponents:

  1. The evil.
  2. The ignorant.
  3. The intellectually challenged.

The evil use the intellectually challenged and the ignorant to further their agenda but fortunately there are not that many evil people currently in positions of power and/or they are keeping a low profile. They have not been a significant threat in recent battles. There probably is no cure for evil except to recognize it and to remove them from positions of power.

The ignorant are less able to remain ignorant with the Internet. They are very quickly informed once they publically show their support for gun control. That they vote without becoming visible or becoming informed is probably the biggest threat they pose to us. Probably our best weapon against these people is for us to come out of the closet and to take these people to the range.

The intellectually challenged can be transformed into gifts to our cause. Every time they say something stupid we can (and do) broadcast it for others to see and point out the stupidity. Who wants to be on the same side as people who say such stupid stuff? So, yes, we are blessed to have opponents such as these!—Joe]


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  1. As many know I used to think Gun control, and scientifically at the time of my young adulthood and the final years of my anti-gun ways the ’94 AWB. I was one of the ignorant. I thought the AWB banned machine guns and M203-type “Grenade Launchers”, and I assumed that the rounds that the AK-47 and the AR-15 shot were vastly more powerful than the .30-30, .30-06, and .308 rifles the hunters used for taking game.

    Of course as somebody who was ignorant I wasn’t very involved in the cause, and I think that covers most of the Ignorant lot. They’ll sign off on polls and petitions if you bring them to their doors, and they will avoid pro-gun rallies, but really they don’t put much effort into the game.

    As soon as I started to get more involved in supporting the cause, I started to see my own limitations, and flaws in my arguments. You can’t do much if you don’t know what you’re talking about, so I got educated…and realized I was better off switching sides. It was about 5 years after that that I even bought my first gun, and years before I carried for the first time.

    Those that either continue to argue from a KNOWN point of ignorance, or simply chose to ignore the facts to keep pushing their agenda are the mentally challenged faction. This is the lion’s share of the “boots on the ground”, And it ranged from Carolyn “Shoulder Thing That Goes Up” McCarthy, to various Brady and Joyce Puppets, all the way down to the Cellar-Dwelling Trolls that you frequently quote.

    There are still lots of people who are evil as well. Josh Sugarmann had a very good quote about knowing what an “Assault Weapon” was, but posing it as something different, as well as people like Paul Helmke, Dennis Hennigan, Joshua Horwitz, Ladd Everitt, et al Know EXACTLY what they’re talking about, and they chose to hide the truth.

    The big issue is that the playing field is so different today than it was in the 90s. Back then the local news could show a story where they first showed some Jackboot in Quantico doing a mag dump from a Russian AK-47 in full-auto, then cut to footage inside a gun shop of a rack of WASR-10 and MAC-90 sporters, and that was the end of the story.

    Today there is so few of them, and so many of us, plus the internet makes basic fact research so easy, the Evil ones just can’t fool that many people.

    Nothing wrong with that at all! (thanks for quoting me, Joe!)

  2. All excellent points. We have been winning, if you count the 2A as the main battle in the fight for human rights.

    Just as the Germans left little old Switzerland alone in the ’30s and ’40s, the global leftist movement can leave us alone for a while, as least as far as open confrontation is concerned (“Fast & Furious” shows us that they haven’t given up– that backdoor, “under the radar”, end-run type assaults are in active use). They are working on consolidating their power as we crow victory. Just as the Germans would have taken care of Switzerland after they’d conquered everything around it and established themselves, just as the American island hopping campaign in the Pacific ignored some of the less important Japanese-held islands, the current leftist movement can, they figure, deal with us later too.

    How’s that for a rosy picture?

  3. @Weer’d Beard, There isn’t really a shortage of evil people involved in the politics of gun control. It’s just that they aren’t in a position significant power so we don’t have to spend much time fighting them.

    @Lyle, You are correct that gun rights are just part of the much larger battle for human rights. The point I would like to make is that as long as we can retain our firearms the human rights issues have a chance of recovery. Hence, that we are winning on the gun rights front is significant even if we are currently losing on other fronts. The economic front is the one that currently has me most worried with unwarranted search and seizure being a close second.

  4. Points taken. Regarding your last sentence; having guns is less beneficial if you can’t travel, eat or communicate, or even stay warm, by the common means. There is more access than ever to your banking information, your spending and your current location, etc., and it’s being expanded as we speak. We’re rapidly approching a point where you won’t be able to do anything within the regular economy if someone holding the strings of power doesn’t want you doing it– your regular life could be turned off by remote control by people you’ve never heard of. What’re you gonna do with your guns then? We’re crossing the boundries into uncharted territory, in a way, right now.

  5. I would add a fourth. The team player. While political ideas may be complex, they don’t worry about it too much because they understand that the political process is determined by whoever has the most votes. They believe in gun control because it is what they are supposed to believe. They want their side to win so they’ll repeat what their side says and they won’t openly criticize what they might find wrong if it might help the other team.

    It is not completely uncommon archetype in politics. The team player may have some overlap with your 3 categories but I think it is distinct and should be treated differently. They arguably aren’t evil just interested in winning and being part of the team (and, as important, is not to be seen as part of the other team). They are often ignorant, will listen and accede to facts but a few days later will usually revert to the party line. They aren’t intellectually challenged, they are capable of being rational but in the end simply don’t care about the intellectual argument as much as they care about supporting their team.

    Conversion can be as easy as pointing out a pro-gun politician on their team but that is likely temporary. The permanent conversion requires a change in the zeitgeist or to find a way for them to convince them to truly care about the issue.

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