Gunwakler Guns Not ‘Allowed’

If you believe the BATFE merely “allowed” criminals to buy the guns,  you have to believe that there were regular, on-going attempts, by Mexican gangsters, to make huge purchases at U.S. gun stores, that these huge purchases were being regularly denied, and that the Mexican gangsters simply kept trying, failing, trying, failing, and then one day, all of a sudden, the gigantic sales start being approved, one and another and another, simply because our local dufi started pushing the green button instead of the red button.  And nothing else.

Sorry; I can’t believe it.  I say those purchases were engineered.  Someone had to be in contact with known criminals, asking them, or ordering them, to come here and make those purchases and take delivery down south.  Can we please stop using “allowed” or “let” when talking about this?  It defies logic.

Let’s also be very careful about getting indignant, saying in essence, “Allowing guns to be sold in the U.S. resulted in crime.”  No, Little Grasshopper.  Criminals result in crime (and the sons of bitches who work with them at our expense).  I cannot be convinced, in any case, that said criminals couldn’t have gotten, wouldn’t rather have gotten, their guns from any of multiple sources in their own country including U.S. government arms supplied ostensibly as aid, from other Central and South American countries, and from the black market.

Criminals and tyrants will always be armed.  The only question is whether the good guys will also be armed, and Gunwalker was an attempt to engineer a crisis so as to help answer this question in the negative.


5 thoughts on “Gunwakler Guns Not ‘Allowed’

  1. ho lee sheeeit Lyle. I never thought of that-almost all FFL on this side of the border would have been damned skitish about selling 20 AK semi pattern rifles, straw buyers and their handlers would have known that that conduct would draw unwanted attention.

  2. This what I’ve been saying all along. Everybody always asks, “why would DOJ do this?” But to figure it out, you have to ask, “why would the cartels do this?” Why would they go to a retail gun shop? Normally, they would expect to be scrutinized more heavily there than at say, the black market. Except they obviously KNEW they wouldn’t be bothered this time? How would they know that? Because there was communication between DOJ and the criminals (but I repeat myself).

    Why would they go to a gun shop and pay RETAIL for SEMIAUTO weapons? They could easily get full auto more cheaply on the black market. And then leave their brand-new, relatively expensive U.S. purchased rifle behind at a crime scene? Why? Because that was the plan.

    PS – And this junk about trying to arm the Sinaloas so that the Zetas didn’t get an advantage is crap, too. They’ve all proven perfectly capable of getting all the weapons they need without our help.

  3. Carried to its logical extreme, what do you suppose are the chances that some of those extra millions that batfe got actually were used to PAY for those weapons?

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