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Now on the topic of guns, we must ban them. Plain and simple.

Ban them all.

July 26, 2011
Comment to Even Democrats Oppose Obama On Gun Control Treaty.
[No mention is made of that little speed bump known as The Bill of Rights. The rest of the comment is just as disconnected from reality. I thought it was an interesting mix with a rant about the 14th Amendment causing us to become subjects of an elected monarch with a demand that all guns be banned.

As is probably the case with most fervent believers in the utility of gun bans he hasn’t been taking his anti-psychotic mediations recently.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—jason

  1. Y’know, it must be nice to live in the world of people like that… one where randomly banning inanimate objects can mysteriously and magically solve all crime and evils in the world… one where bans actually work, and you stood a snowball’s chance in a fusion reactor of stuffing the djinn back in the bottle… one where problems really were that simple to solve.

    Of course, this is the world of a child, but I am sure we all miss that from time to time… At least, those of us who grew out of it.

  2. In coming up with several ways to mock the astonishing stupidity of that quote, I realized that participating in the stupid doesn’t help. Instead I’ll simply translate it into real world terms;

    “Now on the topic of guns, we must reserve them exclusively for use by criminals and tyrants. No honest, peaceable citizen must ever be allowed any means of self defense. Plain and simple.”

    There. Now it can be read in its proper meaning and context.

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