Alright, Classmates…

We’ve been talking about this for several years here.  Who can tell us how Rand Paul utterly failed in this interview;

ETA; YouTube imbedding has been disable for this video, but you can still see it here.

Letterman make a pretty good attempt at it, but Paul is left like a deer in the headlights and didn’t even make the attempt.  As Rand herself would say; “Blank-out.”  Then she would go on to explain how the self described conservative voices are the worst, most deadly enemies of conservatism.

I give him a C minus as a junior high school student.  He did show having done some homework and some listening in class, but I’d flunk him from high school.  Maybe it was just nerves, but I don’t buy that.  You don’t forget your main point– the thing you’ve ostensibly been striving for all your professional life.  I kept waiting for it– fully expecting it, but alas.  Maybe he’s just another Republican.


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2 thoughts on “Alright, Classmates…

  1. I watched most of it, but wasn’t quite able to finish it before the video went down. But my impression was he tried to hard to appear “mainstream,” and that really hampered his ability to hammer it home. I think that he’s probably more than a little gun-shy after he got skewered over his position on the Civil Rights Act, and unfortunately that seems to have carried over into this interview, where his position has far less potential for controversy.

  2. I was disappointed too. What bothered me most was that Paul never said “in the first place, Dave, it’s not government’s money to spend” or similar. Regardless your ‘pet project’ from (Letterman’s words) “throwing money at ‘education'” or throwing-it-at ‘healthcare’ what’s getting thrown is your money, Dave, and mine.

    I’d also have liked Paul to have said, “Hey, Dave, ya know if YOU wanna ‘throw more money at education’ or anything else go ahead, buddy, get to throwing…just make your own d%!m money and leave mine and the rest of all the other hardworking-Americans’ money ALONE.”

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