‘Our Progressive Health Care Bill is Better Than Theirs’

Maybe you thought the newly elected Republicans would move to get government’s meddling, grubby hands out of the health care industry.

Think again, suckers.

How many times must we be treated to silver hairspray dude trying to act as though he genuinely believes what he’s saying?  That guy didn’t make it two and a half minutes without an edit, and he was reading from a prompter.  This is our leadership?  It’s an insult.

The least they could do is get these phonies a few more acting lessons, so when they’re bullshitting us to death, at least they’d do a good job of it.  I really wonder who it is they think will find that video appealing.  I think that guy came right off the set of the Lawrence Welk Show.

If you’re figuring on politics to help reverse this encroaching socialism, you’d better be working more locally, because the national-level Republicans are up to the same old Progressive tricks.


3 thoughts on “‘Our Progressive Health Care Bill is Better Than Theirs’

  1. While I agree with you, I am prepared to give them some slight benefit of the doubt. Disclaimer: I may have fallen for the bovine droppings.

    But my thinking is this: A proper bill should say something to the effect of: “All bills authorizing or calling for government interference in or regulation of the health care industry are hereby repealed. Future Congresses are hereby enjoined to screw off.” However, there are two major issues against such legislation: a Democrat majority in the Senate and a President who won’t sign off on such a bill. The Republicans are (I hope) trying to mitigate and reverse as much damage as possible, in such a way that the Dems will have to either acquiesce and sign off or in 2012 the Repubs will be in the position of being able to say “you passed a terrible bill, we had better ideas but you wouldn’t listen, and we tried to fix it but you got in the way.” The problem is if they do a total repeal, they open themselves up to accusations of being heartless and trying to kill poor people by taking away their only hope at getting health care.

    I don’t think such hysteria will get a lot of traction, but they apparently are worried about it–so my take is that they are being cautious and pragmatic. Hopefully. Either that or the disease is more severe and widespread than previously imagined.

  2. To follow up on this, the forthcoming votes on raising the debt ceiling (demonstrates commitment to restoring financial sanity–not raising it is tantamount to cutting up the credit cards) and the on federal budget (also demonstrates commitment to fiscal conservatism–also, presents a myriad of opportunities to “repeal” things by defunding) will be quite telling.

  3. “…if they do a total repeal, they open themselves up to accusations of being heartless and trying to kill poor people…”

    This reasoning has been the SOP of the Republican Party for generations. It used to be the mindset of the NRA too. The problem with it is that it presupposes defeat, and slows down the defeat, only to have that defeat set more firmly when it arrives full strength. It’s the difference between Progressivism and communism. I’ll take neither, thank you, and until we get more Republicans that can unapologetically turn it around on the left, we will continue to lose by a thousand cuts.

    Heartlessness and destruction are what the Progressive movement has always given us, anywhere it’s been a dominant force. Funny we should ever be the slightest bit worried that we’d be labeled as such, when we’re the ones advocating liberty and equal rights while the left is advocating the control and direction (herding) of humanity like we’re so many fat, stupid little sheep. The left considers humanity to be a stain or a cancer on an otherwise pristine Earth, and we’re worried about our image? We’re putting trust and faith in the individual, and the left is indicting the individual as being too stupid or evil to take care of himself or others. We should be worried about our image? Really? What that tells me is; there are a lot of “conservatives” who really don’t believe in their own supposed ideals. They really believe that government-run welfare is good. I’ve heard them brag about it within the last few days. That’s the problem. It is not the solution.

    You don’t meet the drug pusher halfway, to appear reasonable when he calls you a chicken shit for not shooting heroine and say; “OK, so you don’t think ill of me, I’ll shoot up just this once…” Then you’re in, and you’re doing over and over and over because he’ll call you a chicken shit otherwise, just like the first time, only now you’re hooked and it’s a thousand times more difficult to assert yourself. No, you tell him to fuck off or you will kick his scrawny ass.

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