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I think it might behoove you to get some psychiatric help. Work on your bigotry, your fear of firearms, your self-control issues, and your curious fixation on things penile. Also your hatred of your fellow man. If you don’t, you might end up strapping on a firearm and calling out an 80-year-old a**hole who might blow your penis off with his .45 in self-defense.

Trust me, I know some old guys who can SHOOT.

Kevin Baker
October 11, 2010
Proprietor, http://smallestminority.blogspot.com
[It was almost exactly four years ago in Reno when I articulated my assertion to a collection of bloggers that we needed to change our attitude in regards to our status as gun owners. Kevin was there when I gave my little speech. I didn’t get any disagreement but I’m not sure that many people agreed with me either. I said some things that I think were a little alien to them:

When you post on a gun rights issues, when you write your letter to the editor, your congressman, or your senator you have to have the proper state of mind. Never forget that the anti-gun bigots are the KKK of the 21st Century. Look for opportunities to make that point. Make belonging to the Brady Campaign the equivalent of a membership in the KKK because it’s true.

Today this one bigot got not only the attention of my blog and several gun forums but the attention of other bloggers in addition to Kevin who explained to this guy that he was being a bigot far better than I did. I would also like to give special attention Linoge for properly pointing out that this particular bigot is another example of Markley’s law.

It all brings a smile to my face.

Update: More bloggers piling on the bigot meme with this guy:

Social pressure and shame is what it is going to take to push the gun control agenda completely off the table and into the dustbin of history. Let’s keep it up.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Kevin Baker

  1. Righteous intellectual rage as comedy is hard to do well. That is why George Carlin is revered as a comic, and this guy is, well, not so revered. I actually liked and chuckled at his spiked steering wheel idea – sort of a parallel to an armed society being a polite society, in a very nihilist, paranoid manner.

    But to claim one has gotten death threats and then NOT to publicize them on his blog – either he doesn’t like or understand how to get publicity for his blog, or he is also making these up, or he has not the sense to act properly in his own self interest, his own self defense.

    I’d have tracked down the perpetrators of any death threats, publicized it, and documented the arrest, conviction and sentencing of the scum who sent them. What better way to prevent anyone from acting on such a threat, than to jail them? He’d have been on the cover of Time within a week had he done so, a new hero of the anti-gun Left.

  2. Since Alan decided to shove all of the posts in question down the Memory Hole, I took it upon myself to preserve them, at Weer’d’s suggestion.

    He is right, too… bigotry like this should be shown to individuals like Alan in the future, such that they will fully comprehend the consequences of their intended actions. The internet does not forget, and neither will we.

  3. *snort* This is rich:

    12 Oct Update: We bought handguns. To protect us from the gun wackos. Ironic, ain’t it? We don’t intend to carry them openly (it’s still rude, which was my original point), but after reviewing our state’s laws, all I can say is… wow. CCW (carrying a concealed weapon) without a permit. CCW in gloveboxes. CCW (w/permit) in bars. And my military discharge got me the permit. Arizona is a real Weapons Wonderland.

    So open carriers are bloodthirsty monsters looking for any excuse to mow people down, but he, carrying concealed, is just looking out for his safety?

    Yeah. Ok.

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