‘Get the Hell Out of Palestine’…

…says Helen Thomas to the Jews in Israel.

Doug Powers posted it.  I’m amplifying it.  Watch the video.  Helen Thomas is one of the most revered journalists in all of Leftopia.  She’s been in the front row at Whitehouse press conferences since the Grant administration, and she’ll be there, just as revered, at the next one.

Let’s see; it’s been nearly 10 years since I began linking the motivations and goals of the jihadists with those of the American and European left.  In examining the various “peace talks” between Israel and Hamas, et al, brokered by American presidents, keep that in mind.


5 thoughts on “‘Get the Hell Out of Palestine’…

  1. Not sure of your point there, Weer’d. Before Iraq, Israel was the only democracy in the Mid East. What do you think it should be? Pick your totalitarian dictatorship or kingdom, I guess, because it would be one or the other for sure.

    Are there British troops in Israel, suppressing the poor Israelis in order to get their copious natural resources cheaply?

    A British Imperial State, these days, would be…what? A European style welfare state? I can understand if that’s your complaint. Israel should be more like the U.S. was supposed to be– a capitalist, constitutional republic.

    How about that? But then they’d be hated more than ever, I suppose. Envy is an altogether terrible thing.

  2. Two-Four has a very thoughtful piece on the subject. Or; at least I understand what he’s saying, because he, you know, comes right out and says it.

    Now that he reminded me of it, I too have called for Jews in Israel (at least the ones who understand liberty) to come to America. We need more good people, and America is the last stand (for liberty) on Earth, as Ronald Reagan put it.

  3. Lyle, sorry for sounding cryptic. Just pointing out that the area now known as “Israel” has never not been “Occupied”, just changes hands from one group to the next. Just pointing out that not only are Ms. Thomas’s remarks bigoted, but they’re also irrelevant.

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