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The very fact that there are anti gun rights weasels in Congress is in itself a crime. When will the time come that it isn’t considered “balance” to include the bigoted comments of the anti gun rights activists in public discourse, and it is seen for what it is– a lying, bigoted, anti American movement? The Enemy Within. Would we tolerate the KKK being invited to speak in public forums? Would we tolerate an anti women’s suffrage coalition of Mayors?

One thing we should always keep in mind is what victory would look like. One feature of victory would be that any politician who, even under his breath, even caught in a private conversation, suggests an infringement on a constitutional right risks swift impeachment. What could be worse, after all, than someone charged with protecting our rights actually fighting against them? Would you tolerate your nanny abusing your kids? Would you tolerate your security guard stealing from you or attacking you? Would you tolerate your grounds-keeper tearing up your lawn and garden, demanding that you have no right to a nice lawn? Would you tolerate your accountant embezzling from you? Why in the hell should we as a society tolerate any politician who hates the very fact that we have rights? If the term, “enemy of the state” has or ever had any meaning, surely an anti-rights politician is a prime example.

Lyle @ UltiMAK
February 1, 2010
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[Wow! I think we should start including the essence of that in our emails to our congress critters.–Joe]


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  1. Lyle,

    I think your examples are illuminating to say the least. Maybe even a few liberals will see how contradictory their ideology is. Shouldn’t require much thinking on their part. The liberals than are capable of thinking, that is.

  2. “Maybe even a few liberals will see how contradictory their ideology is.”

    You’d think so, but there are no limits to the number of misinterpretations one may apply to a given situation or assertion. It is reality that is limited.

    All the statist has to do here is redefine what is a “right”, and they’ve been down that path for a long time already. They’ll say; “Sure, we agree, and we have a ‘right’ to feel safe from regular gun owners who could at any time go ballistic over some otherwise minor disagreement…”
    – or –
    “People have the ‘right’ to a good education, health care, affordable housing, et al, whether or not they are ‘rich'” and so we’re right back to push verses shove.

    There is an excellent line out of Ayn Rand’s “Capitalism”. I paraphrase;
    “Nothing can be called a “right” if it demands anything from another person other than non-interference.”

    You’d think that one would be pretty iron-clad also, but alas, again, anything can be misinterpreted or redefined in infinite ways. That you may have guns next door to your gun fearing, gun owner-hating neighbor, or that you’re black living next door to your ultra racist neighbors, they will say, “places a demand on them” that they live in fear or revulsion, etc., etc., etc., and who deserves to be subjected to that, and don’t they have the ‘right’ to enjoy their lives free from such blatant offenses? Giving you their non-interference will also drive them freaking crazy, and so we’re back to push verses shove, and who’s push is harder than who’s shove, or who has the free time and the motivation to push harder that the other guys whilst preoccupied with trying to make a living.

    Try these arguments on some of your statist friends. They won’t be phased. It will roll right off of 90% of them like water off a duck.

    Ideally, that is to say, in a free society, this divide of which we speak would be understood to be between criminals and the law-abiding– between those who respect rights and those who would violate them. Your anti gun or racist neighbor (or politician of the same bent) would be compelled to put up, and for the most part shut up, or face the heavy hand of the law.

    Our problem is that more and more criminals are operating from within government. Our task is to keep them looking over their shoulders, wondering when the shoe is going to drop and they’ll be out on their asses. Some of them are beginning to realize that they may have a problem (this “tea party” movement has them scared) but that’s when they can get dangerous.

  3. “Our problem is that more and more criminals are operating from within government”

    Currently the .gov is a criminal cabal. This is from the top down. And, in most if not all departments/agencies.

    The Ayn Rand (paraphrased) “Nothing can be called a “right” if it demands anything from another person other than non-interference”, is in several of her books/essays. According to liberal ideology, looting is a right. Rape is a right. Murder is a right. Breaking and entering is a right. Child molestation is a right. Free health care is a right. There is no end to the liberal interpretation of ‘rights’.

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