Quote of the day–Sarah Ibarruri

If you found that amusing, you don’t need to explain anything else about why you are obsessed with guns. I think you’ve explained it all.

If you didn’t, then you wouldn’t find guns amusing and fun. You’d admit that being obsessed with contraptions whose purpose is to murder, is not an amusement or a fun activity.

Sarah Ibarruri
November 24, 2009
In comments to Why would any one in their right mind be against strict gun control? (and here).
[And that is what they think of you. They believe the purpose of guns is to murder (I guess that is why the police carry them). They believe anyone who desires to own guns has a desire to murder. And that is why they think it is acceptable to have men with guns (the government) prevent you from possessing a gun.

It is my belief she has mental problems.–Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Sarah Ibarruri

  1. “They believe anyone who desires to own guns has a desire to murder.”

    Joe, That is a ridiculous exaggeration. No one that I’ve ever read says every single person who wants a gun has a desire to murder. What I have seen is a pretty good description of why 10% of you guys should not be allowed to own guns in the first place. You know where that is if you want to take another look.

  2. Read what she says in her posts to that forum. Even just read what I quoted above!

    She believes the sole purpose of guns is to murder. If that is their obvious sole purpose then those that desire gun ownership must also desire to murder.

    See also her post I used as the QOTD today. She has mental problems. There are many others who “think” along similar lines.

    Your estimate of the number of people that should be denied a specific enumerated right without due process has been refuted quite well long ago and needs no further effort on my part.

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