Quote of the day–Ronald Reagan

You know, I turn back to your ancient prophets, in the Old Testament and the signs foretelling Armageddon, and I find myself wondering if we’re the generation that is going to see it come about.

Ronald Reagan
[I’m reminded of this by the articled titled Iran reportedly able to make nuclear bomb and the fact that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says he wants Israel wiped off the map.–Joe]


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  1. I just listen to revelatuions on the drive home and there is mention of a ruler for 40 and 2 months. Goood news is the big O might not finish his term of office. That could also be the bad news as well. I think amalamadingdog has been in office longer other wise he would be the leading cadidate. Of course the 40 and 2 guy will have all power granted to him before the end, which could be almost anything at this point.

    Scary times we are in, very scary times.

  2. ‘Course, every generation has had those who believed they were in the “end times”. Occasionally their prophecies have been self-fulfilling.

    There are always those who thrive on (or simply desire) chaos, and we have plenty of those in the world today in positions of power.

  3. I don’t make too much of this because people have been seeing signs for millennia but … there really are some things these days which were not there in previous times when people thought it was going to happen, e.g. Napoleon’s time. There’s a breakdown across society which seems to ahve gone beyond anything before.

  4. I’m an athesist and am extremely doubtful that anyone can predict the future with any accuracy more than a few days in advance (weather prediction for example). I just made the connection between what Reagan said and the headline and didn’t mean to imply anything beyond, “Hmmm… interesting.”

  5. “…doubtful that anyone can predict the future with any accuracy…” I forget which SciFi writer compared predicting the future to quantum physics. The assertion was that anything, including human societies, on a large enough scale would follow certain rules of behavior. The story had some people who made a science out of this, predicting the rise and fall of interplanetary civilizations. It may have no discernable connection to reality, but the concept was interesting. Another SciFi book The Mote in God’s Eye had an alien civilization that went through “cycles” of rise and fall in a predictable fashion, and had come to prepare for it by building A-bomb-proof libraries of history, science and technology so as to facilitate the rise of the survivors of their self-inflicted apocalypses.

    Several people throughout history have predicted the downfall of any society that discovers it can vote itself goodies from the public larders. I consider that to be a pretty accurate prediction, and one that need not invoke divine intervention. The founders of this republic predicted that, and they tried to take steps to prevent it. They were of course accurate in predicting it, but inaccurate in predicting any successful preventative measures. This is more like seeing two toddlers wrestling on the edge of a cliff– you needn’t be psychic to know what’s very likely to happen, and unless you can get in quick and take immediate physical action to prevent it, there’s not a damned thing you can do. They’re going off that cliff.

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