Just backward

How would you deal with someone that got everything exactly backward? When they want the car to stop they step on the accelerator and when they want to go they step on the brake. Instead of washing their hands before meals they soil them in the most foul manner possible. They put water on the campfire that is keeping them warm and they put gasoline on the Christmas tree fire in their living room.

I would have to conclude they are insane. And unless there are some sort of drugs or therapy available for their condition they should be locked up for the protection of themselves and others.

But that’s doesn’t appear to be an option in this case where the political leaders of D.C. are demanding Congress commit an unconstitutional law and object to the a law that brings them in line with the constitution on another matter:

D.C. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty (D) and D.C. Council members disagree with that conclusion. They furiously protested the firearms amendment.

“The District of Columbia leadership is fully united in its opposition to unwarranted amendments that would dramatically damage the District’s carefully revised gun law and expose the District to great harm through the undoing of its laws,” D.C. Council President Vincent C. Gray and Council Member Phil Mendelson, chairman of the council’s public-safety commission, said in a letter to Congress released yesterday.

In a statement after the Senate’s vote, Ilir Zherka, executive director of D.C. Vote, a lobbying group, said the city has passed a “significant hurdle in our fight for full democracy for DC residents.”

But he added of the gun amendment: “If anything, this amendment has strengthened our resolve to continue to fight for the rights of Washingtonians. Congress repeatedly treats the District as a testing ground for flawed, dangerous legislation. This has to stop – and we’ll keep fighting to ensure that the bill signed into law is not tainted by this amendment.”


4 thoughts on “Just backward

  1. Fenty treated the District as a testing ground for shitting all over the Constitution. We merely fixed that for him.

  2. With the gun rights of this issue set aside (I own 10 of them so I support gun rights) how do we stop the issue of passing laws that make null and void the Constitution. Obviously if laws can be passed to void one article of the Constitution, laws can be passed to void others. Of course, I for one will write my Congresswomen in the Senate (both Democrats) asking if they voted for this (I suspect both did) and if they did how why they support voiding the Constitution of the United States. I again suspect that it will do no good what so ever. So, the question remains, do you have a legal option that we the people can use to stop what is going on in our country concerning our Constitutional rights?

  3. Give the District back to Maryland. Not only is that the correct Constitutional action to take regarding the de-federalizing of the District, it would teach both of them a very useful lesson – you can get what you want, but you may not like it.

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