Quote of the day–Daniel G. Jarcho

The handgun ban is a reasonable restriction, because handguns constitute a unique class of firearm that have an unmatched ability to cause violence and kill human beings.

Daniel G. Jarcho
Brief of Violence Policy Center and the police chiefs for the cities of Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Seattle as amici curiae in support of petitioners in D.C. v. Heller.
[Handguns cause violence? Unmatched in their ability to kill human beings?

And all this time I would have thought it was atomic bombs (super novas probably outperform A-Bombs but they haven’t actually been demonstrated on human inhabited planets that I know of) that were unmatched in their ability to implement violence and kill human beings. And that is why I was accepting of “reasonable restrictions” on atomic weapons. But now that the Supreme Court says handguns are protected by the Second Amendment and, according to Mr. Jarcho, atomic bombs are less dangerous than handguns I guess that means atomic bombs should be protected as well.

I’m glad Mr. Jarcho was able to clear that little misunderstanding up for me. I’ll be consulting his work more frequently from now on to make sure I don’t make some future similar mistake in my classification of weapon systems. Now, where is a nearby public range where I can rent an atomic capability artillery piece and buy some ammo for it? I want to evaluate some possibilities for the next Boomershoot.–Joe]


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  1. Hell, in all the training I’ve ever had, the instructors were pretty adamant that a handgun is a very poor tool for killing or stopping human beings, but it’s just the handiest thing to carry around with you. To paraphrase Greg Hamilton, if you know you’re about to be involved in a gunfight, don’t go. But if you have to go anyway, bring a rifle.

  2. LOL!

    This guy is a moron. Has he ever heard of a suicide murderer with a bomb belt and a bunch of innocent victims nearby? Are these idiots coming out of the dry rotted wood work!

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