Quote of the day–Sick in the U. P.

I won’t apologize for concluding that anyone who supports the free and unfettered possession of deadly weapons is sick in their head. Why in God’s name should the Democratic party, or any organization dedicated to improving the lives and future of Americans, give up on the idea of gun control? Has mental illness spread so far in our country that the concept of curbing violent death by gun is no longer viable?

Here’s my take: all gun owners should immediately submit themselves for psychiatric examination, to determine the extent of their illness and begin treatment before they do harm to someone.

Rifled, single-shot hunting weapons aside, this country should immediately consider laws making the possession of any handgun or assault weapon evidence of serious and dangerous mental illness, and anyone having such a weapon on their possession should be subject to immediate immobilization, hospitalization and confinement for treatment. The sale of — or display with intent to sell — any handgun or assault weapon to a private citizen should result in that person’s inventory being seized and immediately destroyed, and the seller hospitalized immediately for treatment. Any factory producing handguns or assault weapons caught selling their product to private citizens should be closed, their corporate officers hospitalized, and the inventory destroyed.

Sick in the U. P.
Oct 27, 2008 06:07 PM
In a comment to this article: Why we all need the Democrats to abandon gun control
[Sounds like some people are in full support of sending us for an extended stay in the reeducation camps. I wonder if he realizes what it would entail to get 80 million (or even a significant fraction) armed people to the camps. I would like to suggest it is they that need to seek psychiatric help.–Joe]


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  1. I didn’t realize there were any socialists left in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Maybe a professor from Northern Michigan University-and almost certainly a Troll, that is, from “Down Below”, AKA the Lower Peninsula–upset that Opening Day of Deer Season is a School Holiday…

  2. It’s pretty clear what he considers to be an “assault weapon”: any repeating firearm.

  3. I sense a confrontation brewing of anti gun, anti self defense death worshipers versus normal human beings. It is so alien to me, the left and their ‘perfect world view’ which cannot ever happen. Tooth fairy imbeciles indeed.

  4. Yet there is free and unfettered possession of deadly weapons. One only needs to ignore the incorporeal boundary of the law. There is also nothing that prevents a person from visiting criminal violence on another.

    The sociopaths well realize that there is nothing that prevents them from using a weapon to commit a crime. To force the rule-followers to occupy the same space as the sociopaths, and disarm them solely for the purpose of assuaging the guilt-ridden conscience of some third party, is a special sort of cruelty.

    Anyone who supports this viewpoint is essentially telling millions of people that their lives are worth less than the feelings of some distant stranger. There are few things that can be said that are more offensive than this.

    If we took the guilt average of the sociopath and the commenter, we could probably construct a normal mind.

  5. I’m very confused: how does this gun-induced mental illness manifested? That is, do I have a mental illness because I enjoy guns and wish to buy one from time to time? Or did I fall into the clutches of some gun-induced psychological condition, from which I’ll be “healed” if the guns are simply removed?

    What about cops and the military? Do they have some sort of immunization that prevents them from going crazy and offing each other, en masse? Or is it only civilians that fall to the siren song of gun death?

    As soon as an anti starts blathering about guns equating to mental illness, it becomes pretty obvious who has the mental problems.

  6. Except that he and his friends are going to be trying to disarm us before they send us to be “re-educated”. Meh – good luck with that. I refer them to Dave Codera’s Waronguns.

  7. We sickos need only to join the military or law enforcement. Then we’re not sick anymore.

    Oh, but there are plenty of Americans who view the military as inherently sick. And we know what they called police back in the ’60s. Now they want a “civilian security force” that’s just as powerful as the military.

    Surely someone must be armed, or they’re going to have a hard time confiscating all these guns and forcing us into the cattle cars. And so we come straight to the Soviet model. Round-ups, purges, gulags. All for very good reasons of course.

    Then again, there’s the comment just below the one you quoted;
    “You are either facetious or nuts.”
    They guy could simply be making fun of anti-gunners. It’s often difficult to tell.

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