Game over man, game over

Obama is our next president. The Federal courts have huge vacancy rates that will be filled by Obama and the Democrat dominated Senate.

Last month I made more posts, 127, than I ever have in a single month. The extra can be attributed to Obama.

At this point talking and writing isn’t going to have much effect on our fight for freedom. It’s game over man, game over. I’m going to be spending far less time reading blogs and posting. I have a bunch of software I want to write and I’m going to be concentrating on getting that out the door instead of spending so much time with the blogs.


4 thoughts on “Game over man, game over

  1. Don’t blame me,
    I voted for the other idiot!

    I am going to cash out of the market by year’s end and dump it into weapons.

    After the Obamasciples learn that they aren’t all getting a new car and 60″ Plasma TeeVee, I’m going to need ’em.

  2. My physical training is not being neglected. The software is not just for me. I’ll be releasing it to the public. Some of it may be available as soon as this weekend.

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