Attack! Attack! Attack!

The ink isn’t dry on the Heller decision and we have already attacked the bigots in Chicago.

I was worried when I first heard of it. I was worried it was someone that didn’t know what they were doing and they would mess it up. The Second Amendment Foundation is involved which helped ease my worry some. Reading the entire complaint I broke out into a big smile. I can hear Alan Gottlieb’s mischievous voice and carefully calculated plan coming through. Then at the very end I saw the attorney–Alan Gura.

As Sean just told me in IM, “Yeah, baby! Sleep well, Mayor Daley”.

But that’s not all! The NRA is on the attack in California as well and perhaps New York. There should not be any rest for the wicked.

This is going to be great for the election in November too. It will have a very strong component of the gun rights issues. And I think we can get out the votes better than the other side can. Plus with the Heller decision on our side with Obama flip-flopping it’s going to look bad for him.


3 thoughts on “Attack! Attack! Attack!

  1. The SAF and the Illinois State Rifle Assoc. filed their suits in the Union of Soviet Socialist Chicagoans withing 15 minutes of the announcement of Heller. The NRA was actually slow to the trigger on this one (pun intended). Of course Czar Daley was screaming.

    The really scary part is some of the comments from the USSC legal department, where they literally said that Heller went the way it did because D.C is not a part of a state and that since Chicago is a “home rule” are of Illinois, the Heller decision and the 2nd Amendment don’t apply to them.

    And they actually believe this horrible drivel coming from their mouths. What the heck have they been smoking?

  2. It’s a damn good start! We cannot allow them time to regroup, this is one big stone we’re rolling up the hill. Push and brace, push and brace. If we stop, it rolls back down the hill. If we push until we’re over the crest, we can then let gravity take its course to our advantage.

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