Quote of the day–Laura Washington

If I had my way, the gun lobby would be looking at three yards and a cloud of dust. Let’s get organized and shove tougher gun policies right down their throats.

Laura Washington (novakevans@aol.com)
Gun lovers disarm control advocates
[As Ry once said, “Ah, the voice of reason.” No data to convince people “tougher gun policies” would make anyone safer. Just shove it “right down their throats”. But, what do you expect of a bigot? Uncle deals with her as well.

Update: Kevin wrote her a nice, but long (it was Kevin, what do you expect?), email and she responded. It was all very civil and nice.–Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Laura Washington

  1. The brazen throat slashing of an incoming freshman Monday shook the University of Colorado’s Boulder campus on the first day of school.
    Sounds like they need to amend the policy to a “Gun and Knife free zone” We know that criminals obey laws as long as they’re posted right?

  2. “You think we’ve got problems [in the anti-gun movement] now?”

    Yes. 1: You’re irrational. 2: This is America, where we take our civil rights seriously. 3: You’re completely wrong.

    “If he [Huckabee] takes the White House, we can all go shopping for embossed leather holsters and pearl-handled pistols. I’ll be looking to accessorize that with rhinestone-studded boots.”

    Really! Actually, you could stay home, lock the doors, and hide under the bed. Or not. Certainly, no one is going to force you buy a gun, plus you’ll be safer because more of your good neighbors will be armed. There is always the option of leaving the country.

    Why pearl handles and rhinestone boots, exactly? You don’t want to end up looking like you just walked out of an 1890s whorehouse. How about a plain, horsehide hip holster, checkered cocobolo grips and some nice, pointy-toed pumps? Show some class, Babe.

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