Son-in-law Caleb and I went to the range on Saturday to practice for the steel match on Sunday. He hasn’t shot pistol much. A lot of rifle shooting under his belt but hardly any pistol experience. He did okay on Sunday. There was a certain amount of symmetry in the results–he came in third from the bottom and I came in third from the top.

That placement isn’t really fair however. Two of the shooters that came in above Caleb were shooting a .22. Caleb was shooting full power .40 S&W loads.

I still have some work to do with him. He’ll get better. I’ll let Kim keep him for a while longer.

Here are some pictures from the match:

Match winner, “Bad Bad Michael Brown” leaving the box under full power and doing a mag change at the same time

Caleb needs a few lessons on grip and posture

I didn’t realize it but Caleb took some pictures of me as I was leaving the same box as Mike above–mag change in progress as well.


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  1. The type of match is Steel Challenge. The stages results from last weekend are here. The last two stages were “field courses” with some movement involved to make things a little more interesting for people but aren’t Steel Challenge normal.

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