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I am not going to hide how much guns disgust me. I think they are one of the, if not THE, most vile contraptions on earth.

To give you an idea how much, I wrote three papers in college on guns and gun control in one semester. I cannot begin to tell you how many extremely heated discussions I’ve had with friends and family about guns.

While I strive to understand how anyone can think that any one person should hold that much power – the ability to intimidate and/or take someone’s life with a gun. I can’t deny an individuals constitutional right to bear arms, no matter how painful it may be for me to accept.

But as far as I am concerned, no one needs a gun at all. Not you, certainly not me. Not good people. Not bad people.

The general public has no reason to own firearms such as semi-automatic guns or assault rifles and should be completely banned and destroyed, along with all the other types of guns (as far as I am concerned).

There is no excuse, nor any reason, why guns should be allowed in homes with children. The two simply do not mix, and it is completely irresponsible parenting.

Don’t try the “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” argument with me. I really despise that saying. Power changes people and guns provide more power than any one individual was meant to have.

Woody Bass
February 4, 2007
Are guns too accessible?
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
[Interesting argument. I don’t think I have heard that one before in relation to gun ownership, “power changes people and people weren’t meant to have that much power”. It’s sort of a “it’s not natural” type of argument. My favorite response to that is, “You’re right, if people were meant to run around without clothes we would have been born that way.” Other possible arguments in this case could made be against cars, knives, clubs, antibiotics, and computers. Even the Amish could be made out to be “too powerful” with the right argument.

It’s also interesting that he “despises that saying” but doesn’t refute it.

He’s got mental problems.

I didn’t get into it with him. I just left a comment with Just One Question for him and let it go at that.–Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Woody Bass

  1. All the standard clichés; He asserts himself as chief of the “need police”, defines gun ownership as child abuse, etc., etc.. I’m a little surprised that he didn’t throw in some environmentalism/animal rights along with it.

    But how will his no doubt Leftist policies (ever increasing restrictions on our lifestyles, ever higher taxes, etc.) be enforced if not by an armed fore of some kind? Surely, someone will have to intimidate us into compliance. What tools are they to use?

    So it comes down to the old dichotomy: One side that wants to use force and intimidation to eradicate liberty, and one side that recognizes the need to keep the socialists in awe, so as to preserve Liberty.

    What he’s really saying then is, “I hate the idea of the OTHER SIDE having guns. That my side has guns is cool.”

  2. It looks like he is going to trot out Kellermann in an attempt to answer your “one question”.

    This should be amusing.

  3. Hard to say. Even that doesn’t say that some gun law made people safer. It just says, misleadingly at best, that a gun in the home is more likely to kill someone you know than an intruder.

  4. Funny the guy doesn’t spot the dissonance — “Nobody should have that much power” so “Let’s give unchecked power to the government.” Yeah. Right.

    Reminds me tangentially of a scene in a later season of Buffy. The Scoobies are driving down a desert highway in a stolen RV, being chased by a gang of very nasty guys with weapons. The librarian, who’s driving, asks, “Did anybody think to bring weapons?” The Billy-Idol-type vampire replies, “You’re driving one!”

    Message to anybody in government who thinks citizens shouldn’t be allowed weapons: “You’re driving one.”


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