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Amendment II Democrats:

Today, Amendment II Democrats pledges itself to helping take back America from the Republican Party and giving it back to the people. We will settle for nothing less than a Democratic House and Senate in 2006. And, at the same time, there is a golden opportunity for pro-RKBA Democrats to dramatically change firearms policy within the Democratic Party itself from the ground up. All we have to do is join together, stand up on our hind legs, and exercise our First Amendment rights if we want any hope of affecting real change within the party of Jefferson, Kennedy, and F.D. Roosevelt.

Can anyone name a U.S. political party that openly says, “We are opposed to the people having the right to keep and bear arms.”? Certainly there are individual politicians that work to subvert it and are openly for gun control. But they don’t dare make it a party platform.

We are making progress. We just need to drive the remaining bigots into political extinction. Once the gun issue is under control we can working on the next greatest threat to our freedom. My vote probably would be to set our sights on the war on some drugs or the income tax.


2 thoughts on “Another sign

  1. Jefferson, Kennedy, and FDR? The only thing they all have in common as presidents is a word – “Democrat”. And don’t anyone forget that NFA ’34, which pretty much started all this crap, was both instigated and signed by FDR– the most successful socialist in American political history.

    Dems: Don’t hang your hat on FDR’s legacy if you want 2A enthusiasts to take you seriously. It is precisely that legacy that needs to be overcome (it’s inseparably linked to alcohol Prohibition and to the “War on Drugs” by the way, for anyone who cares to understand modern America).

  2. I agree. Having a role models such as FDR doesn’t encourage me in the big scheme of things. But we are going to have better luck working on just a few issues at a time when so many things are badly broken.

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