Quote of the day–Muhammad Abdul Bari

The danger is the trust between the community and the police may be broken. The community feels very vulnerable.

Muhammad Abdul Bari
Muslim Council of Britain leader
Terror raid could ‘damage trust’ 
BBC News–June 6, 2006
[And I thought that trust was broken July 7, 2005 when Muslim extremists blew up trains in The Tube and a bus.  Trust, but verify.  That’s my advice.–Joe]

2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Muhammad Abdul Bari

  1. “The Community” should then stop harboring, encouraging, and supporting terrorists. They have a “trust” with the larger culture as well. When people see rampaging Muslim youth burning Paris down, what does that do to elicit any sort of mutual trust?

  2. It wasn’t just Paris. It was most of France. There was the bombing of the train station in Spain. There is the killing of teachers that education women in Afganistan. The beheading of the British aid worker. There was murder of Van Gough in the Neatherlands. And don’t forget the people killed and threatened with death over a few cartoons in Denmark. How many innocent Muslims versus innocent non-Muslims have been hurt or killed in western countries the last few years? And will things improve if Iran is allowed to develop nuclear weapons?

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