Pathetic anti-gun turnout

Time after time I have seen this happen.  But this is one of the few times I have seen it mentioned in the news.  I’ve been a counter protester when the pro-freedom people outnumbered the anti-freedom people 10:1.  A “gun violence educational” (it really was a group of people wanting to register and ban guns) presentation where all the people in the audience were firearms instructors.  This time the paper gives them lots of coverage as usual but also mentioned they only had nine people show up.  They pointed out that there was a big sign saying they didn’t want any input from the pro-freedom side, and they include information in the article that shows they aren’t even consistent — are these military weapons as the speaker says?  Or are they different as an anti-gun web site (correctly) says.

NEW PORT RICHEY – Art Hayhoe can’t fathom why a 10- year ban on semiautomatic weapons was allowed to expire this month.

“Who in God’s name wants to sell civilians fully militarized weapons of war that are designed to kill as many people [as possible] as fast as possible?” he said to an audience of nine.

According to information distributed by the Violence Policy Center, semiautomatic weapons are more accurate than machine guns and military assault weapons. The center is a national nonprofit organization that works to establish policies that reduce “gun-related death and injury.”

Unlike machine guns and military assault weapons, which can fire bullets as long as the trigger is pulled and the ammunition lasts, triggers of semiautomatic weapons must be pulled every time a round is fired, according to the Violence Policy Center.

I believe the anti-freedom people are falling apart along the with the left in general and the press is finally starting to realize they have been lied to and the anti-freedom people are morally bankrupt.  Our job is to keep up the pressure up and push these people into political extinction.


One thought on “Pathetic anti-gun turnout

  1. I agree. There was not one incident of a driveby bayoneting in the history of the crime bill. Statistics showed that most shooting crimes were done with one to two shots, so there goes the derringers and double barrel shotguns too.

    I love watching these Liberals lose their power and then complain that it isn’t fair. All that they are about is not equal oppertunity but equal results. They would rather give money to underachievers than to people who stayed in school and actually learned something. It’s funny how the Learning Disability classes are growing. Not bashing the kids who really need it, but half of these kids are not motivated by their parents. They know that the government will take care of them once they drop out.

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