South Korean Spy gave money to Kerry

Apparently the South Koreans “can’t stand” Bush and want Kerry elected.  They gave money to the Kerry campaign and when it became public Kerry gave it back.

The AP first reported this spring that Yi and other Kerry fund-raisers and donors had met with Chung, but at the time Chung was identified only as a diplomat. Yi resigned from Kerry’s campaign after the story, and Kerry returned $4,000 in donations he had solicited because of concerns about their origins.

The U.S. officials said Chung had registered with the Justice Department as a friendly foreign intelligence agent on U.S. soil, and that his activities had raised concern he or his government had tried to influence the fall presidential election through “extracurricular activities.”

I’m wondering who North Korea and China are donating money to.  Kerry already has the endorsement of communist and socialist organizations so one would think he would have the advantage over Bush for these two countries.