Revolutionary Honesty is Gone

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I miss the 1970s sometimes. Not just the music. And the sex. And the drugs. I miss the terrorists. The old-school terrorists. Or, OK, maybe not the terrorists, but the revolutionaries who cheered on the terrorists.

I miss the clarity, and the honesty, of that era.

Maybe you’re too young to remember, but, back in the day, you didn’t get all this hemming and hawing about murdering civilians. The terrorists, and the revolutionaries who supported them, were not ashamed of murdering civilians. The Revolution demanded that they murder civilians. Murdering civilians was one of the fundamental strategies of the Revolution.

CJ Hopkins
May 22, 2024
Asymmetric Idiocy – Consent Factory, Inc.

The clarity and honesty has been abandoned because it doesn’t work all that well when you are attempting to sell Communism. They still need to murder lots of innocent people, but saying that up front hurts their sales pitch.


4 thoughts on “Revolutionary Honesty is Gone

  1. I don’t know. Lots of cheering for Hamas going on these days, and there was even before Israel started striking back.

  2. “I miss the clarity, and the honesty, of that era.” Oh f–king please. The world of asymmetric warfare is as clear as mud.
    Almost every revolution/war in the past 100 years or better as been sponsored and paid for by people and groups barely listed in history.
    The Hamas-IDF kerfuffle he expounds on was most certainly known by Mossad and both governments.
    With Bad joke Biden stealing money from us to pay for the whole thing.
    Such is the whole Ukraine mess also. Starting with refusing Russia entry into NATO after the collapse of the soviet. Through the Midian coup.
    Every enemy action requires huge sums of money and material, plus logistics support.
    Hamas would have starved to death, as would Yasar Arafat without someone/group from the outside suppling/supporting them.
    Just like Soro’s funding of antifa/BLM/Hamas protest of today and passed. Same-same Rockefeller funding of the Bolsheviks.
    Nixon going to China, anyone?
    And just like the invasion of America by Africa today. (By people that have a hard time building mud huts.)
    All bought and paid for by assholes that get a thrill out of murder and chaos. And have more money than they do humanity.
    Ever ask yourself why our border has been wide open for 3.5 years now. Any terrorist can just walk a crossed. They all just got a planes randomly and came to the great satan. And haven’t done anything yet?
    What are they waiting for if not orders? And from whom?
    Ya, revolutions are real clear. Until you scratch of off the paint.

    • Intelligence agencies are usually not as clever as they think they are and fail to think about 2nd and 3rd order consequences as is highly evident in both Ukraine and Gaza.

      • Yup, like Obama’s “Arab Spring”, killing spree, and recent history repeating itself. What happened in Libya is about to happen in America. And thanks to the same actors more than likely.
        Not sure which is worse. Them doing what they do, or us being stupid enough to go along with them.
        Either way, to late.

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