A Golden Age of Vaccines

Wow! If true, this is fascinating.

Universal vaccine may be effective against any variant of any virus (msn.com)

Scientists at the University of California, Riverside (UCR) has recently developed a revolutionary RNA-based strategy for a universal vaccine capable of combating any virus strain effectively and safely – even in infants and the immunocompromised. This innovative approach could transform how vaccines are developed and administered across the globe.

This could significantly reduce the threat from bio terrorists. And of course the more natural deadly threats like Marburg, Ebola, Hantavirus, HIV, etc..

See also New ‘One-And-Done’ Vaccine Method Could Protect Infants With Just A Single Shot, Study Suggests (msn.com).

And closely related:

A Golden Age of Vaccines Is Here. What It Means for You. (msn.com)

Roll up your sleeves. Effective new vaccines have hit the market for everything from pneumonia to shingles to RSV to, of course, Covid-19. And that’s just the beginning.

Pharmaceutical companies are currently developing everything from personalized cancer vaccines that could cost tens of thousands per patient to vaccines that prevent developing-world diseases like malaria or tuberculosis. Improved flu, pneumonia, and meningitis vaccines will also be available in your neighborhood pharmacy.

Scientists are testing vaccines to prevent a virus believed to cause multiple sclerosis in some people. Someday, vaccines could routinely treat acne, protect against peanut allergies, and even prevent heart disease or help treat Alzheimer’s disease.

This is all of great interest to me. Cancer took my dad, who also had heart problems. His father died of a heart attack. Mom, her brother, and their mother had dementia. Mom and her mother had heart problems as well.


15 thoughts on “A Golden Age of Vaccines

  1. Yeah, I’m thinking I’m gonna wait and see. The last “vaccine” they pushed seems to have a few bugs to work out.

    • As vague as the article is, it does say that the vaccine is based on RNA. It’s probably the same technology as the COVID non-vaccine.

      That doesn’t mean it won’t work with proper development and testing, which the COVID non-vaccine definitely didn’t have – because they didn’t have 5 to 15 years. That’s what the FDA requires to test a new drug or medical device – five years if no problems at all show up, much longer if changes turn out to be needed, and most projects fail after tens of millions have been spent.

      One exception is the flu vaccines, which have to be revised each year because the virus mutates. They take their best guess about the 3 most common strains next fall, extract antigens from them and replicate them, then have just a few months left to test various blends of those antigens and pick one to produce for flu season. Often the flu virus has already mutated so the vaccine is only 50% effective, and that number is dropping every month.

      The FDA allows this accelerated testing schedule because the vaccines are absolutely ordinary, produced the same way yellow fever vaccine was over a century ago, polio vaccines were produced in the 1950’s, and flu vaccines have been since the 1970’s. They are fairly confident there will be no big surprises. By contrast, RNA vaccines are new technology, and at this point their only “success” was a lie.

  2. Anyone who trusts any of the new “vaccines” deserves the premature death that happens. The left isn’t even TRYING to hide their agenda anymore and part of that agenda is the murder of BILLIONS of people…by any means required. Including poisons posing as healthcare.

  3. No. The immune system doesn’t work that way.

    I MIGHT start to (maybe) believe them if they first vax everyone in the company, and every government employee and all their children / grandchildren, and monitor for at least 2 generations to watch for side effects, reproductive problems, etc.

    Maybe. Otherwise? They can pound sand. They have sterilized far too many people to trust anything big or new at this point.

    If you want to know about cancer, look up the Tibbets protocol, and Professor Dalglish (UK) and his work on T-cell stimulating dead material cancer vaccines. (the problem with them both is they are cheap, safe, and easy, so they’d nuke a hundred billion dollar cancer treatment market; Pharma won’t go there).

  4. In the absence of a blue star on the breast pocket, the level of trust an individual places in Government and/or the Medical Industrial Complex is a useful social / political litmus test.

  5. When I read that the vaccine would prevent every imaginable disease, my thoughts went immediately to Michael Crichton’s The Andromeda Strain, and the vaccine trotted out near the end of the novel as a sort of Deus ex Machina, that not only would eliminate the Andromeda Strain, but every antibody in one’s bloodstream so that the diseases the subjects died of were diseases that doctors had never seen before because somehow or another everyone was immune to them.
    Far-fetched, true, but this universal vaccine is on the ragged, bleeding edge of medical science.

  6. It doesn’t help that the reporting comes from a source as questionable as MSN, containing no links that I could find to primary sources. I read the articles several times searching for an intelligible description, without success. The best I can figure out is that this is proposing an entirely new theory of vaccination, totally unrelated to what has been done since the days of Edward Jenner over two centuries ago.

    So I tend to agree with others: (a) more data needed (b) let others go first. And I thiink there’s merit in the notion that government employees should lead the way.

  7. I recall similar breathless claims about the COVID vaccines: Get your vaccine, and life can go back to normal! Well, you might need a booster… Or two boosters … or boosters every three months… Or we might need to reformulate for some new strain … Or it might not actually be as safe as we originally said … Wait, we never said it was safe. Are you some conspiracy theorist trying to make us look like liars?

  8. Damn, how we all supposed to die, in car wrecks?
    Believe it or not, common colds are very good at cleaning out your lungs. Dust and crap that can only be removed by being wrapped in heavy mucus. Then coughed up.
    Do they kill the weak and aged? Yes they do. But we going to go some way, somehow.
    Most of the problem we have medically in this world could be prevented by good food, solid exercise, less stress, and Ivermectin. (Parasites) Then staying the f–k away from drugs as much as possible.
    An agriculture report to congress in the 50’s told of our soils being depleted of minerals. We could use fertilizers to grow the nutrients we needed. But that the lack of colloidal minerals in our diets would lead to future generations having weakened immune systems with increases in allergies and the like.
    Well, right on time….. How many people you know with allergies?
    As much as I like anti-biotics, and my hypocrisy being what it is. Drugs don’t help much else.
    As much as cancer and dementia suck? I watched 2 of my brothers die young from alcoholism, and a third one will die on methadone. And I can count how many people I know on some form of meds or another that are going to die on them. Or from them.
    And mostly so some pharma executive can fly his mistress to Europe for the weekend.
    They got a cure-all vaccine? Well good on’em.
    Can they spell Nuremberg code? Cause the motherf–kers need to hang so far.

  9. The universal vaxx already exists, it is commonly called cyanide. You’ll never be infected by anything again.

  10. It is highly misleading to call mRNA technology a vaccine. It is much more akin to a type of gene therapy, than to a traditional vaccine.

    There is no product liability for a vaccine. I do not think this is a coincidence.

    I, for one, do not trust the technology. I refused the shot the first time, at the risk of everything. My home, my job, my family…everything. I will continue to do so. I do not regret the decision. If anyone asked my advice, I would recommend that they refuse all mRNA (or other gene-based) shots as well.

    Of course, everyone has to make their own decisions in this regard. Just know that it’s at your own risk. Lawyers send their mistakes to prison. Doctors bury their mistakes.

  11. RNA “vaccines” are nothing of the sort. They are experimental gene therapy. Gene therapy which is potentially permanent, and possibly heritable.

    We have already seen how the Covid vaxx saved none, killed many, and sickened even more.

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