A Prediction of Doom

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I’m not trying to be an alarmist, but I actually think most of you are good people and should know this. I fully believe that the country you know will not exist in the next decade. This next election is not going to fix anything, it’s simply going to decide what causes the collapse. I truly don’t believe we will have a 2028 election.

If Biden wins, the country is going to go the route of Venezuela and head straight towards financial collapse. That is unless we end up in another world war. If Biden wins in the middle of the night after counting stops, I believe the civil unrest will cause it to all break.

If Trump wins, he would have an opportunity to somewhat mend things, but it won’t happen. The civil unrest from the left will make 2020 look like a picnic. It won’t end.

I’m not saying this to scare you, but I think people should take measures to endure hardship in the future. Factoring in everything, I see absolutely no path to where the world we live in doesn’t forever change. I truly feel like with whoever wins, this will be the last time we vote in a presidential election.

I would take measures to safeguard my family anyway I could. If I end up being Henny Penny, then you’ve lost nothing preparing. Look into long term food storage, med kits, antibiotics, clean drinking water. I’ve never been a “the end is near” guy, but all signs point to national turmoil.

I definitely wouldn’t want to be living in a city during these times. Just stay safe and take precautions. Maybe I’m wrong.

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Posted on X on March 21, 2024

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I can see many paths into the future. I don’t see any which are pleasant. I see some that are only moderately painful. Most are very painful.

I have no idea which path will be taken. I don’t even know which one is more likely.

I don’t have a clue as to when, or if, my desire for an underground bunker in Idaho will be seen as a good idea. But I’m confident that within two years virtually no one will think it was a bad idea.


14 thoughts on “A Prediction of Doom

  1. Two aces as the globalist hole cards which can be played at will.
    Squatters. Millions of squatters being imported as we speak guarantee tribalism writ large if the economy hick-ups for a week or two.
    Bankers. The globalists can jerk the rug from under the economy faster than one can fart.
    This says nothing of those who have come here to actively do us harm.
    This is the hard pill. That we are the great satan.
    Only satan would want to cut up little children. Knowing the hell for a future it will put them in. (Remember when we were horrified by the practice of cutting off little girls clits?)
    And only satan would want to drug and poison everyone else.
    Own nothing and eat bugs?
    Not even Islame would dream of such. Are they bad? Absolutely. But were worse. We’ve convinced ourselves what were doing is good and necessary. Washington is kill crazy. Bomb this, invade that. Everywhere from the ATF/FBI/DHS. ATF just murdered another citizen last week. The FBI, several the months before. DHS is the largest trafficker of drugs, human slaves, rapists, and murderers the world has ever seen. EVER.
    Were responsible for everything from the Arab/Obama’s spring (ISIS), through Nord stream (European economic destruction), to the loss of a whole generation of Ukrainians. And that’s just recent history.
    And when one considers that it’s the common people of the country that pays the highest for their leaders failings?
    No matter how you spell it, it reads the same. It’s our day in the barrel.
    And deserve has nothing to do with it.
    Exactly what shape the cake takes, or when it will be presented is a question one must answer for oneself.
    Know for certain, it’s already been baked. And you’re going to eat a big stinking slice of it. You, and everyone you know and love.
    I shudder at the thought of the “barbeque” part of the party.

    • Were as in some time in the past?
      We’re as in We were?
      We’re = we are?
      I believe part of what you say because we are being ruled (not governed) by thugs and mafiosi. The installed base, the deep state which as you say has already been baked into the situation has not been working for the Country and the people for a long time. possibly for as long as I’ve been alive.

      • All three. We are going to be paying the price for it, wither we did it or not. As common people always do.
        And we could put a stop to it in a matter of hours should we ever grow a pair. And get passed debating with morons over what brand of ignorance we prefer lording over us.
        The 2A is a prohibition on government. It’s also a warning to us of the danger were in as a society. And a backbone of deadly seriousness to us should we wish to understand it.
        The power of the armed people of this United States is unquestionable. But un-defeatable? We’re about to find out.
        It’s going to leave a mark.

  2. Joe,

    Is there an Idaho real estate developer willing to make a lot of money shoehorning underground bunkers into whatever parts of farmland they can’t actually farm? Or maybe an area of second growth forest that would look substantially similar with underground bunkers popping up like toadstools?

    Asking for a bunch of friends.

      • Regretfully, I have to skip Boomershoot this year so I can help my son get his last few requirements for Eagle Scout.

        Even with the decline of prestige for the Scouts, Eagle Scout is an achievement more respectable than a BA, these days, and right behind a BS.

  3. Trump will not win the election. He can get 100 million votes and Sniffy will get just enough more to win. All the tampering will be dismissed and the media will ‘certify’ it for an Alzheimer’s patient and a whore who literally slept her way into every office she’s ever held.

    Get out of Blue bastions. Get out of Blue states if you can.

  4. Nobody can predict the future with certainty. But some things are more certain than others. One is the economy is well past the point of no return. It’s impossible to pay the current debt let alone everything we are obligated to pay in the future. Therefore a collapse of some kind is inevitable. History tells us that such collapses are always painful…and often lead to war.

    Even in a socially stable and undivided culture the future would be bleak. Factor in
    the massive divisiveness, which was deliberately created to facilitate the demise of our former society and there will be no cooperation between groups when things collapse. If you haven’t prepared to survive by now your chances to do so are slipping away rapidly. And even being prepared is no guarantee.

    The only thing I can predict with assuredness is a giant sh*t sandwich is coming our way and we are ALL going to have to take a bite out of it.

  5. Disasters come every day, all day. Things are always End of Days for some people, every day, like the welfare slaves in cities with no education or chance of a life, or the guy saddled with debt that loses his job. As survivalists say, it’s always teotwawki for millions daily. But even in 1944, most people had a pretty good life.
    On the whole, humanity outwits disaster.
    There are 3 relatively obscure citations of that in this article, but you can see it every day in the news. Not long ago it was, ‘only 15 days stockpile of diesel in America and refineries are burning!1!’. Every single day there’s something.
    But as bad as it gets in Texas, or Idaho, I’m confident that we and our neighbors won’t sit idle while mobs rampage through our towns. In the end, the cities will burn some more, but we’ll pull through just fine.
    Within 10-50 years (depending on the state of .gov), there’s going to be such wealth from space that our economic collapse will be a big so-what. We just need to keep it together until then.

  6. ” I fully believe that the country you know will not exist in the next decade.”

    No shit, dumbass. Buying those fortune cookies in bulk, are you?

    Herb Stein, Reagan’s Econ guy famously said “Things that can’t go on forever… don’t.” Stein is regularly paraphrased, but the main thought prevails through the misquotes.

    Our country: Massive debt, massively expensive and incompetent government, worthless and corrupt education industry, brainless social media influencing, unbelievable political corruption among the leadership, more welfare programs than it can support, excessive and stunningly incompetent involvement beyond our borders, forced government meddling in business operations, a punitive and incomprehensible tax code….shall I go on?

    Why any rational person would not want all that to change, and change drastically, I do not know. The issue, of course is “what to change it to?”

    “Anything else” ain’t the right answer, but you can bet there’s an endless list of people who have The Perfect Solution which, of course, isn’t.

    We have a set of reasonably detailed construction plans – the Constitution of the United States of America – that describes, in detail, the foundation, the structural integrity requirements, the weathertightness of the structure….but it does not specify paint colors, the number of windows in the living room, or how many bathrooms. That is left to the States and the citizens therein. Will California build bathrooms with toilets that don’t flush, Florida specify all-outdoor showers, and North Dakota require snowshoes for every family member?

    You betcha, and under the Constitution they can because it’s the United States of America and each state is permitted to prosper, or not, as its citizens see fit as long as it supports The Whole and does not interfere too much with its companions.

    To get there, of course, will require a collapse because humans are notoriously bad at managing change (if you want proof of that, look closely at the Genius Brigade who ran IBM from 1980 to 2000 or California’s committment to EVs). Collapse, to the degree it will be required, will be painful, very painful, but it will be survivable. A
    lot of blood will go on the floor when that happens because there’s no way to avoid it, and by “blood on the floor” I mean that in the economic, social and hematological senses. It will be a revolution, and effective revolutions are rarely bloodless; fortunes will be lost, new ones made, dynasties ended and new ones begun, some bloodlines ended and new ones born….

    It’s going to be one Hell of an interesting time and history books – the accurate and truthful ones, anyway, will be a terrific read.

    But do not doubt that It Will Be Different because “…the country you know will not exist in the next decade.” and that is frightening to a lot of people. Change always is; Stasis, well, stasis becomes fatal in its own way.

  7. Predictions are hard, especially about the future. I will predict that the optimistic futures are unlikely. Likely futures range from more or less status quo (slow attrition) to one disaster or another. The evolving banana republic is most worrisome.

    • The best-case scenario almost never obtains.

      So, too, the worst-case scenario.

      Unfortunately, the best-case scenario still involves the national debt collapsing under its own weight. So, I see plenty of haircuts in the future.

      • That can be prevented by simply inflating the debt away which TBTB seem to be intent on. Of course, hyperinflation is a disaster too. It just hits a different group of people.

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