6 thoughts on “No Self Defense Zones

  1. Um, wut?

    Correlation != causation.

    If there were some evidence that teachers/admins were armed prior to the act and after its passage left their guns at home I might at least entertain some kind of causal relationship. But there’s no evidence of that.

    There are lots of social changes that happened as a result of the Reagan era that you can point to, but the disarming of school teachers isn’t one of them.

    • A good point, but whether school employees were armed or not prior to the act’s passage, afterwards, everyone knew for a fact that none would be.

      • But even that doesn’t imply a causal relationship. Mass shootings of all kinds, not just schools, have increased over the past 30 years. There’s nothing to indicate that putting up signs at schools had an effect on motivation, for the same reason there’s nothing to indicate that putting up signs would have an effect on *demotivation* (someone bringing a gun to a school).

        • That’s not accurate.
          Consider for example the well known fact that the Aurora cinema shooter bypassed several cinemas closer to his home, looking for one posted “no guns allowed”.
          Then for more detail, read “More guns, less crime” by John Lott, Ph.D., who demonstrates the causation quite thoroughly.

  2. It already is unconstitutional on it’s face. So, if you live within a 1,000 ft. of a school you lose your rights?
    If you drive by a block over from a school you’re a federal felon? But if you shoot from over 400 yards away you’re not in violation? You’re just a plain child murderer? (Kind of abortion clinic status. without the profit margin of course.)
    2A says “Shall not be infringed”, by government for a reason. And now we know why. Box-o-rocks tyrant stupidity.
    No wonder the feds never enforced it hard.
    Introduced by Biden and signed by Bush. Ya, I wouldn’t want to try and argue that one in court either. Lest one’s name be affiliated in infamy.

  3. It used to be fairly common for the STUDENTS to be armed at school, for several legal reasons. Lots of schools had target shooting ranges on or close by for students. In some areas it was common for the older students to carry their hunting guns to school for hunting after classes. Walk to school, or transport in their cars/trucks. I never saw a gun case that locked until the 80’s. I used to walk to the National Guard? facility to shoot on their range with my .22 rifle, open carried on my shoulder, age ~10.

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